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What Is CBD Isolate, and How Is it Made?

As America’s preferred CBD wholesaler and isolate producer, we at Industrial Hemp Partners (IHP) and TerraVida Online often get asked how we make CBD isolate: a powdered form of CBD. 

Let’s start with the basics:


If you’re interested in CBD but confused by the many forms available on the market, you’re not alone. Some products contain full-spectrum CBD, while others contain isolated CBD, and still others contain broad-spectrum CBD. If you’re new to this product, it can be difficult to know which is which. In this article, we discuss CBD isolate.

CBD isolate is pure CBD. It is a crystalline, odorless and tasteless white powder that contains 99% or more CBD with no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids.

In other words, all plant matter that exists in the hemp plant (chlorophyll, oils, waxes, terpenes, and other cannabinoids) is removed, creating a finished product that is almost pure CBD. Most CBD isolate is infused into a carrier oil and made available as CBD oil.



CBD can be extracted from hemp using CO2, cold ethanol, or harsh chemicals such as butane and hexane. You will want to avoid the latter, as such products contain traces of carcinogenic compounds. Rather, buy CBD that is extracted using CO2 or cold ethanol. 

To make CBD isolate . . .

  1. The manufacturer first extracts the CBD. The resulting CBD contains other materials that naturally exist in the hemp plant. In other words, the extract is full-spectrum CBD, which contains less than o.3% THC.
  2. In order to get pure CBD, the extracted product undergoes a purifying process that includes filtration, which removes all plant material.
  3. Following the filtration process, the extract goes through another process called winterization, which removes any waxes and other plant material that remained after filtration. What remains is a fine white powder that is 99% pure CBD.


Marijuana was banned in the 1930s because it contains THC, the cannabinoid that makes people high. It is this cannabinoid that is tested for in drug tests. Many people desire the benefits of CBD without the disadvantages of THC. The law specifies that the hemp grown for medicinal purposes should contain less than 0.3% THC; however, this small percentage of THC can sometimes be enough to result in a positive drug test, even though the person who consumed the CBD never experienced a high. That is why manufacturers developed CBD isolate, which does not contain any THC.

Additionally, some people desire the benefits of CBD yet are sensitive to THC and will react negatively to any THC present. CBD isolate is also ideal for these individuals. 


CBD isolate has no taste and no odor, so it can be used in an almost endless number of ways. However, there is no need to vape it in order to receive its benefits, since it is already been decarboxylated. The following are some ways that people use CBD isolate:

Place it directly under the tongue: This is the easiest way to use CBD isolate. Hold it under the tongue for about 60 seconds. It will be absorbed through the mucus membranes right into the bloodstream, and it will immediately begin to make the right changes in the body. 

Create custom CBD oil products: The CBD isolate can be infused into a carrier oil such as MCT (extracted from coconut oil), grape seed oil, or olive oil to create a unique CBD oil measured according to the consumer’s needs. This CBD oil can then be taken sublingually, ingested directly, or applied topically to achieve the desired effects.

Cook or bake with CBD oil: The custom CBD oil described above has many uses. It can be ingested directly. Or it can be used in cooking or baking—just be aware that it tends to lose its power at high temperatures, so the temperature should be limited to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175–180 degrees Celsius). The moment it reaches 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius), the potency is destroyed.

Create topical ointments: CBD oil can be mixed with skin oils, creams, or lotions to create a topical ointment to be applied on sore muscles and joints to ease pain and inflammation. Coconut oil is one of the best carrier oils for this purpose.

Add it to juices or smoothies: If a person wants to ingest CBD isolate indirectly, it can be added to a fruit/vegetable juice or smoothie. It will blend nicely with the liquid, providing additional benefits to an already healthy practice.

Add CBD isolate to coffee or tea: If a person is not into juices and smoothies, CBD isolate can also be added to coffee or tea. The heat of these beverages is not high enough to affect the potency of the CBD.

Make a CBD sweetener: Some people who use sweeteners in their teas and coffees like to make a sweetener with CBD isolate. To make the sweetener, heat honey or agave in a double boiler (a makeshift one will work fine for this purpose), and then add CBD isolate powder and mix thoroughly until it dissolves. The sweetener can be used in coffee, tea, or oatmeal—or even spread on toast!


CBD isolate contains 99% CBD. Every gram of CBD isolate contains 990 milligrams of CBD. It’s important to be aware of this in order to get the correct dosage every time.

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