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The story of Lucky vitamin is the story of a single family that wanted to live healthier. That initial desire has continued for three generations and during that time the family had been committed to helping many other people to also live healthier lives. Eventually, the family has started a pharmacy which was later transformed into a top of the line health food store. More recently the business has moved online in an attempt to serve even more customers more effectively and satisfactorily. So many things have happened to the company over the years and many challenges had to be overcome but there was always a complete commitment to efficient customer care. This is why every query on the webpage is always answered as quickly as possible and health professionals are standing ready to provide consumers with advice or to just share interesting facts regarding the many products available. The ultimate objective of Lucky vitamin is to be people’s companion on the road to complete physical wellness.

Product information and benefits

There is an incredible amount of products available on the Lucky vitamin website and all of them is high-quality products which will be able to provide incredible health benefits to all people making use of those products.

One of these products is Black Elderberry Rapid Relief – 60 Vegan Caps which is a product which will help people to ensure that they always have a healthy immune response. This product because of its concentration of Anthocyanins and also other flavonoids enables it to act both as immune support and also as an antioxidant which makes it unique among products of this kind. This product is manufactured by Gaia Herbs and it is similar to the best-selling syrup of that manufacturer and both are made of Acerola fruit and Black Elderberries for excellent immune support and the health conscious people should note that this product contains no sweeteners.

There is also the Ultiboost Sleep and Nervous Tension Relief – 120 Tabletsmanufactured by Swiss. This is a high-quality formula which consists of both herbs and magnesium as well as valerian which is the perfect combination for those who want to enjoy perfect sleep or who are in need of an effective tension reliever. Some people will be more familiar with valerian because it is frequently used in western herbal medicine to deal with many problems such as irritability, restlessness, tenseness, and sleeplessness.

Another quality product is the Children’s DHA Liquid Strawberry – 8 fl. oz. byNordic Naturals. This company is one of the undisputed leaders when it comes to the production of Arctic Cod Liver Oil because of the unrivaled freshness and purity of these products. Their success in this regard can be attributed to the fact that they catch the fish, deliver it to their factory where the end product is manufactured in compliance with the highest industry standards. This product contains omega 3 fatty acids which are especially beneficial to children and has a positive impact on their learning, their focus, and mood and generally helps them to exhibit a positive attitude.

There are many people who will never be caught without their Ultimate Omega – D3 Lemon 1000 mg. – 120 Softgels by Nordic Naturals. This product is overflowing with omega 3 essential fatty acids both DHA and EPA. Then it also has lots of vitamin D which is very close to that produced by the human body which allows for better absorption of this high-quality product which also speeds up the physical benefits derived from this remarkable product.

Visiting the Lucky Vitamin website is for many people like waiting for Santa around the old Christmas tree because they have such an extensive range of superb healthcare products such as Black Elderberry Original Formula Liquid – 7.8 fl. oz. by Sambucol. This is the original Black Elderberry extract which is able to do amazing things for the immune system and is an essential product to keep your family healthy throughout the year. This is a natural product which provides you with a completely natural way to protect your body against the legions of bacteria and viruses lying in wait.

Other necessities

Holistic health goes beyond your physical body it also involves those things with which you come into daily contact such as your laundry detergent. This is why GO by green shield organic Laundry Detergent is the one on which many people rely. It has the power to clean deeply and it is made from USDA certified Organic Ingredients and even the bottle is recyclable. This detergent has been extensively tested and users can rest assured that it will not leave unsightly residue on your clothes or in your expensive washing machine. You also have no need to worry about color changes when using this high-quality product.


Some people require special deodorants and they assuredly do not make them any more special than Dr. Mist Spray Deodorant. This unique product contains pure water as well as concentrated minerals and salts such as those which is found in the Dead Sea. This ensures a unique formulation that works according to a well-known physics principle that results in a special liquid spray that evaporates quicker in fact 0.4% faster than normal tap water. When using this unique deodorant it leaves a very thin layer of spray residue on the human skin. This residue is a very fine powder which is a unique combination of salts and minerals. The epidermis is then covered by this fine power and then proceeds to form a very special bacterial shield that eliminates bacteria which comes into contact with the treated skin.


Sam Wolf is the current CEO of Lucky Vitamin. He is also known as an e-commerce entrepreneur. He is also a well-known speaker who frequently addresses groups on the important topic of physical wellness. He is committed to continuing to Spread the Wellness and to ensure that healthy living remains affordable and accessible to all people. He has attended the American University and the Kogod School of business.

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