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iHerb is a reputable supplier of personal and home care products and it also has a very large variety of natural supplements which is stored in its warehouses in California and in Kentucky. The company has the reputation that it has been certified by NSF International as a facility that is maintaining good Manufacturing practices. This results in high-quality products which are made available to thousands of loyal supporters and because of an excellent website it is entirely possible for people all across the globe to have access to this excellent range of products.


One of the unique products supplied by iHerb is Dymatize Nutrition, ISO 100, Hydrolyzed, 100% Whey Protein Isolate, Gourmet Chocolate, 3 lbs (1.4 kg) which is exactly what the person needs who is aiming to gain in strength and in muscle size. For those who follow a rigorous training program, this product is one of the best work out partners that you can get. This product contains a large amount of amino acids which is excellent for muscle building and in fact even those people who are following a high-intensity training program will find that ISO100 is equal to the task and will never let him down. This product is known all over the world for its quantity and the product is manufactured according to the highest quality standards. This product should be your first choice if your objective is to do some serious muscle building.

There is also Mild By Nature, Thickening B-Complex + Biotin Conditioner by Madre Labs, No Sulfates, Citrus Squeeze, 14 fl oz (414 ml) is a high-quality product which contains flax proteins, Quinoa, Biotin, Vicia Faba, Loquat Leaf extracts, and Panthenol and this results in fuller, thicker and healthier looking hair when frequently used. This is considered by many users to be a therapeutic conditioner which also has the perfect pH balance. The manufacturers are committed to using only cruelty-free products and it contains no parabens, no GMO’s or sulfites. These unique shampoos and conditioners are available in two pleasant flavors.

Many people will be interested in the Zantrex Black, 84 Softgels manufactured By Zantrex which is considered to be an excellent weight loss product which is easy to use. Simply take two softgels with one full glass of water not less than 15 minutes before you plan to take your main meal. Should you feel the need for an additional energy boost another one or two softgels could be consumed as and when needed? However, consumers should be careful never to use more than six softgels within a 24-hour period and it’s also okay to include this product in any credible diet and exercise program but it must be kept in mind that results may vary according to individuals and their unique lifestyle.

Many consumers order the Now Foods, PABA, 500 mg, 100 Capsules manufactured By Now Foods which is known as a PABA also known as Para-Aminobenzoic Acid which is a compound found in things such as milk, eggs, meat and in various grains. This is a substance which in the body can develop into folic acid and which is often used by your gut microbiota to produce folic acid. Oxidative stress can also be combatted when PABA is used.

Another superb product available on the iHerb website is Flora, Swedish Bitters, 8.5 fl oz (250 ml) which is manufactured By Flora and this product is used to stimulate the stomach before meals in order to improve digestion but it is also used frequently after meals to relieve that excess gas or the feeling of being too full. The manufacturer has succeeded in providing a product which is widely recognized as one of the finest herbal bitters available today. To accomplish this require intimate knowledge, skill, and experience to achieve a product with potency and also superb quality.

Other iHerb customers choose Country Comfort, Herbal Savvy, Golden Seal-Myrrh, 2 oz (57 g) manufactured By Country Comfort which is one of the most effective disinfecting ointments for eczema, dry skin, infections, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, wounds, burns, cuts, scrapes, and many other similar things. The product uses a mixture of Myrrh Gum powder and goldenseal which gives it exceptional medicinal properties which makes this product one of the most effective disinfecting ointments on the market today.


One of the exciting new products available at iHerb is Asutra, Yoga Mat Detox, Yoga Mat Cleaner, Peaceful Lavender, 4 fl oz (118 ml) which is manufactured By Asutra which is a deep cleaning agent which can be used with confidence to clean mats. Always remember to shake the container properly before using whereafter the product can be sprayed onto a damp clean cloth which can then be used to clean the mat. When more drastic action is needed spray the product liberally and then allow it to soak for at least two minutes whereafter it can be scrubbed with a damp cloth to remove visible dirt. Now a clean cloth can be used to wipe the area again and it is advisable to air dry that mat before rolling it up for storage.

Another remarkable product is Asutra, Scrub the Day Away, Exfoliating Body Scrub, Vitamin C Scrub, 12 oz (350 g) which is manufactured By Asutra which is a high-quality self-care product which ensures extraordinary soft skin only minutes after it has been applied. It will smooth and moisturize your skin while at the same time gently exfoliating it. The product contains grapefruit essential oils and organic Cyprus as well as hundred percent pure Himalayan sea salt. It’s important to store the product well and then proceed to massage it over the skin and this should be done in a circular motion. Particular attention should be given to dry and rough patches whereafter the product should be rinsed off and the skin should be toweled dried.


This company has its headquarters in Moreno Valley California. Currently, Ray Faraee is both the founder and CEO of iHerb. The closest competitors of this company are Vitacost but iHerb remains a trusted and well-loved brand among many consumers. According to the latest data the company has over 2.4 million fans on Facebook which should give some indication of the impact which IHerb has on its target audience.

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