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Quality CBD Vs. Cheap CBD: All You Need to Know

The cost of many CBD products is a factor that has drawn considerable attention from those of us just beginning to try CBD from hemp. At first glance, the price of some products may even seem absurd. It isn’t uncommon for some CBD infused commodities to double or triple their normal price. That being said, only quality CBD products should be considered when deciding how much to spend. Opting for the cheapest product might save a few bucks, but these products have their own risks. They may not even contain any CBD Oil at all, or worse, they could contain something else. Spending a little more for quality CBD is well worth the expense when you can be assured that the product is held to the highest standards and have been third party tested for purity.

The Cost of CBD

A common misconception is that CBD products cost a lot simply because of marketing hype and unwary consumers. While there are definitely some overpriced products out there, it’s far more common for unknowing customers to be lured into buying cheaper, inferior products, simply because they lack knowledge of CBD. Hemp cultivation, seed extraction, and regulating costs are a huge investment that largely influences the price. Quality control is also expensive, which is why some cheaper products also tend to be less safe. Safe and effective CBD oil is going to require a significant expense, but the benefits far outweigh the added cost.

Considering the price is a good way to determine whether or not any CBD product is legitimate. As mentioned, the effort and expense involved make it unlikely for any reliable product to sell below a certain price. Once you’re familiar with the cost of most CBD products on the market, you’ll have a good idea of what constitutes an overly cheap or expensive product. If something CBD-related looks too cheap to be true, chances are you’re better off avoiding it.

The Risks of Buying Cheap

Unfortunately, given the unusual legal nature of the CBD business, it’s rather easy for dubious products to make their way to consumers. At best, cheaper CBD oil may be watered down and ineffective. In some cases, the product may contain no traces of CBD whatsoever, but rather an alternative substance such as hemp-seed oil. In the worst-case scenario, it could be laced with some other potentially dangerous chemical. Without the regulation the comes with other health and wellness products, it’s become easier for scammers and careless producers to pass off unsafe products to unwary consumers. Knowing the facts about where your CBD comes from is, therefore, crucial for anyone considering its use.

The entire “seed to bottle” journey of CBD oil is an extensive process with the risk of absorbing contaminates every step of the way. Hemp is a bio accumulator, meaning it absorbs just about anything around it while it’s growing. Unsafe farm conditions can lead to cheaper, but also more contaminated hemp. The extraction process is also complex, often requiring considerable expertise and care. Isolates require the most purification, while full-spectrum oils require very little. Full-spectrum also contains more benefits thanks to the entourage effect, making it especially beneficial for overall use. Having a third party do lab tests following extraction is absolutely necessary to ensure there hasn’t been any contamination from unwanted chemicals and to determine the exact concentration of CBD oil. It’s difficult to maintain a high standard throughout the industry but understanding how your CBD products are made is the best way of staying safe.

Natural, High-Quality CBD Oil for Sale Online

At Terra Vida, our CBD hemp products are lab-tested by a third party to be as pure and authentic as possible. We take the quality of our CBD oil seriously, as we understand our customers are trying to improve their lives. Our mission is to provide top-of-the-line products, service, and knowledge to our clientele at all times. Visit us here to learn more and peruse our many CBD oils, tinctures, vape cartridges, skin care products, and much more!

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