When another 365 days have passed, many people make New Year’s Eve resolutions looking forward to a brighter, healthier and more prosperous life in the future. Using CBD (aka cannabinoid) oil, whether they’re drops, gummies, sprays or other products, can be used as a valuable tool in meeting and beating these pre-made promises.  

Found on this recent list of Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Success and Happiness, the most popular propositions finding a place on this roster include: 

  1. Diet or eat healthy (71%) 

  1. Exercise more (65%) 

  1. Lose weight (54%) 

  1. Save more and spend less (32%) 

  1. Learn a new skill or hobby (26%) 

  1. Quit Smoking (21%) 

  1. Read more (17%) 

  1. Find another or different job (16%) 

  1. Drink less alcohol (15%) 

  1. Spend more time with family and friends (13%) 

Given this roster, many might be wondering, how in the world will CBD help with any or all of these different New Year’s resolutions? While some may seem obvious at first glance, others look like a bit of a stretch. So let’s take a deeper look at these resolutions and how CBD solutions will pay off in the New Year. 

A Better Diet and/or Eating Healthier 

One of the struggles facing those who are dieting or attempting to eat healthier is the temptation of snacks and sweets that derail us from our goals. Instead of reaching for a piece of candy to appease a sweet tooth, why not try a CBD gummy instead? They’re delicious and satisfies that craving for something to chew on. However, you’ll need to monitor your consumption as there are many factors to consider with dosage. 

Exercising More 

Among the many reasons people refrain from exercising is the sore muscles that often accompany physical activity or those suffering from discomfort preventing them from participating in the first place. Here’s where the relief CBD products often provide will help people to either exercise more or start a new routine or regime without worrying about sore muscles that often accompany these types of activities.  

Losing Weight 

Whether you’re looking to trim a few pounds or lose a significant amount of weight, be sure to check out this article about ways CBD hemp oil products can help you to lose unwanted pounds. It highlights research that suggests CBD helped those suffering from diet-induced obesity (DIO) to lose weight along with assisting complications including insulin resistance and issues associated with a fatty liver. 

Saving More Money and Spending Less Cash 

Some say to make money; you have to spend money and often the same is true for saving more and spending less. That’s one of the reasons we regularly offer sales, discounts and other ways to save on your CBD supplies. Sign up to be a member of TerraVida Online today. You don’t need to purchase to participate and we’ll keep you informed of upcoming sales, news, and research in our newsletter. Remember, your privacy is important to us and we won’t share or sell your email address.  

Learning a New Skill or Hobby 

Remember the definition of the word hobby is “an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.” For those new to the CBD scene, if they’re looking to discover a different way to relax with a pleasurable experience, these products are certainly an option. While the use of CBD consumables doesn’t deliver the intoxicating effects of THC, there are still enjoyable ways and plenty of potentially pleasant rewards when using CBD including: 

  • Getting a good night’s sleep 

  • CBD products designed for better skincare 

  • Reducing anxiety and stress 

  • Pain relief and more 

Quitting Smoking 

For some people, it may seem surprising this popular resolution doesn’t appear higher on the list, but overall smoking is on the decline. Still, nearly 38 million people in the United States continue to light up on a regular basis according to recent figures from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). 

For those looking to kick the habit, many are reaching for CBD options to help with cravings and potential weight gain as described previously. Since many people claim smoking helps to curb their feelings of stress and anxiety, it’s a much better option to use this natural substance in place of nicotine. 

Reading More 

Along with our blog, there are plenty of resources available to learn more about the successful uses of CBD products including the latest research and testimonies of relief experienced by CBD users. Try searching for articles about trending topics like how the use of edibles has helped many people along with their pets reduce or eliminate seizures. Those with chronic pain and/or suffering from debilitating conditions like arthritis have also reported success with the use of CBD creams, sprays, and salves.  

Finding a New or Different Job 

Those who are unhappy with their current job may be seeking a new career path especially during this time of year. With a growing number of employers drug testing potential employees before, during and/or after the hiring process, users of CBD don’t need to worry about a positive result coming from THC when using cannabinoid as a substitute for this substance. Even though marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in many places, still some people or corporations won’t employ a person who is using cannabis.  

Drinking Less Alcohol 

According to recent statistics, it’s estimated that up to 28% of people are abusing alcohol as pain relief for things like an abscessed tooth, something associated with an injury or from arthritis. While the first instance will be solved by a trip to the dentist, others suffering from chronic pain aren’t so lucky and continue to experience acute discomfort. 

For those who are addicted to alcohol or abusing it regularly the best course of treatment is through recovery and counseling that could include the use of CBD. However, if you do find yourself occasionally reaching for a cocktail to conquer something like a headache, consider using CBD instead. You’ll save yourself from a potential hangover and feel better when using this all-natural alternative.  

Spending More Time with Friends and Family 

Given the potential for more sleep, less pain, lower levels of stress, and decreased anxiety, any or all of these will make spending more time with friends and family a greater possibility. So, there you have it. Ten ways to use CBD to meet and beat your expectations for a happier and successful life in 2020. When you have questions or comments about using this natural solution, please contact us today. And finally, from everyone at TerraVida Online, here’s wishing you, your family and friends a healthy and prosperous New Year.  

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