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Does CBD Make You Sleepy? Yes and No

The legal marijuana market is expected to reach $146.4 billion globally, by the end of 2025. That’s a lot of cannabis users. According to a report put out by The Center for Medical Cannabis Education, 62 percent of CBD users are taking CBD to treat a medical condition. The top three conditions users are taking it to treat are pain, anxiety, and depression. With all of these medical CBD users, it’s important to discuss the side effects that CBD may have. Specifically, in this article, we’re going to discuss if CBD makes you sleepy. The answer, unfortunately, is rather complicated.

Some users take CBD to help them sleep better or to treat sleeping disorders, with excellent results. But, if you’re using CBD to treat another issue, you may not want to be sleepy, especially at work or while driving. So, is CBD oil still safe in these circumstances? It turns out that CBD can both make you more sleepy and more alert, depending on the dosage and the time of day it’s taken.

CBD Affects Sleep Based on How Much is Taken

In a 2014 study by the Anahuac Mayab University in Mexico, rats given a low dose of CBD became more active. Conversely, higher doses (10-40 mg/ kg) were found to promote additional sleep in the rats.

Human studies appear to mirror these results. In a 2004 report put out the Center for Human Sciences, they found that test subjects given higher doses of a CBD and THC combination (15 mg of each) had increases sleepiness and slower reaction time. Subjects given lower doses (5 mg CBD and 5 mg THC) had increased wakefulness and a higher level of concentration.

According to these results, it appears that if you would like to avoid an increase in sleepiness, take smaller doses, and it should have the opposite effect which will be increased activity. On the other hand, if you’re using CBD to help with sleep, take a slightly higher dose, and you’ll feel more relaxed, and get a better night’s sleep.

CBD Affects Sleep Based on the Time of Day it’s Taken

The other factor that affects whether CBD will make us sleepy, is the time of day the dose is taken.

In another rat study by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, researchers found that by giving the rats CBD during their normal sleep time, the rats experienced an increase in sleepfulness. However, when they instead gave the rats their CBD dosage during their normal waking hours, the rats became more active.


According to Natural Wellness, the reason CBD affects you differently when taken at different hours is due to the body’s natural production of melatonin. The hormone that’s responsible for making you sleepy, Melatonin is your body’s way of regulating a normal sleep cycle. The body releases melatonin when it expects to feel sleepy, so if you normally go to sleep every night at 10 p.m., your body will start producing melatonin shortly before that time, to get you ready for sleep.

CBD turns off the part of the nervous system that tells the brain not to release melatonin. However, this only has an effect when the brain is approaching the state of releasing the hormone (around the time you normally go to sleep). As a result, if CBD is taken during daylight hours, it increases wakefulness by giving you an increased awareness of your surroundings and increased focus. On the other hand, if taken at night, it will increase your sleepiness level. According to Natural Wellness, you won’t become so tired that you pass out. CBD has less of an effect on tiredness, than if you were to take a sleeping pill.

How to Get the Results You Want

Looking at the research, it appears that CBD can be used to benefit you however you choose, based on how it’s taken. If you struggle with getting to sleep or a sleep disorder, you’ll want to take a slightly higher dose around the time you would normally get ready for bed. If you’d like to avoid getting sleepy, but are using CBD for another condition, take a smaller dose during daylight hours, and you should notice an increase in wakefulness and concentration.


CBD taken by itself will not get you high, this is because it does not contain THC, the chemical responsible for the high sensation. If you have any questions about which products are right for you, contact us at Terra Vida. We can help you get the results you are looking for from our wide range of  hemp CBD products.

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