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6 Amazing Ways CBD Helps My Golf Game

CBD, a compound found in cannabis and hemp plants, is the new buzzword in town. Almost everything nowadays contains some cannabidiol integration ranging from skincare products to cocktails and baked goods. CBD products have become increasingly popular among consumers for wellness and health purposes. In fact, in 2017, the consumer sales for CBD products reached $350 million in the US, more than triple the goods sold in 2014. CBD is said to alleviate pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and other health conditions. Among the main reasons for CBD’s popularity is its non-psychoactive nature and therefore does not make you high.

Hemp CBD is prominent in pop culture with Kim Kardashian’s recent baby shower being CBD-themed. CBD products have also made their way to the world of golf, and golfers are keeping up with the Kardashians. Many golfers in the US and around the world are using CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD consumables, and CBD capsules to optimize performance. Both amateurs and professionals are taking CBD before and after games to keep functions related to athletic performance like metabolism, energy balance, and immune system working well. Below are some of the benefits of CBD for golfers.

  1. Playing golf can put loads of stress on your body resulting in fatigue and soreness. CBD helps the body to recover quickly after the game and makes muscles feel softer –soreness becomes a thing of the past.
  2. CBD curbs the mental stress and anxiety that comes with golf games.
  3. By enhancing sleep quality and relaxation, CBD boosts cognition, and body repair.
  4. CBD stimulates alertness and improves focus during a golf game.
  5. CBD helps golfers to stay motivated by increasing levels of dopamine.
  6. CBD works as an analgesic to reduce any pain during and after games.


The popularity of CBD from hemp among golfers is attributed to the fact that it is not regarded as a performance-enhancement substance. Also, the World Anti-Doping Agency has not prohibited pure CBD, and it was removed from its banned substances list in 2018. Additionally, the World Health Organization proclaims that pure CBD is safe since there is no evidence of any issues associated with its use.

Many golfers have joined the CBD bandwagon to enjoy its benefits. Bubba Watson –two-time Masters and 12-time tour winner- is the latest golfer to join the CBD world by partnering with cbdMD –CBD firm. Watson praises CBD for its safety and ability to improve sleep quality and address inflammation. There are speculations that Tiger Woods was spotted chewing CBD gum before winning The Masters. When asked, Wood said that the gum helps to suppress his appetite. Phil Mickelson was also alleged to be taking CBD hemp oil during the same event. In 2018, PGA Tour Champions player Scott McCarron served as an endorser for hemp oil sold by Functional Remedies –a Colorado firm specializing in hemp oil. McCarron reaffirmed the many benefits CBD has for golfers in helping them play and perform at the highest level.Although CBD has numerous benefits for athletes including golfers, PGA warns golfers to take CBD cautiously. This is mainly because CBD products have limited government regulation, and some may contain THC that is psychoactive and prohibited. CBD products that have high levels of THC increase the likelihood of a positive result on a drug test. Therefore, golfers should only take NSF certified CBD supplements for sports.

There is an array of ways to use CBD or hemp oil. CBD is available in the form of lotions, cream, and oils that you apply on the skin to calm muscles, reduce redness, and relieve pain. Also, CBD-infused beauty products can treat acne, smooth the skin, and offer anti-aging properties. CBD can also be ingested in the form of gummies, edible oils –add to food and drinks- and capsules. No matter how you take CBD, the best practice is to start small and increase the dosage with time and also consult with your physician to clear any medical interactions. If you are considering CBD, you can buy CBD products online at Terra Vida.

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