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CBD oil for children with anxiety

Are you worried that your anxious child might need medication? Well, anxiety in children is a serious problem, you are not alone. According to psychom, anxiety in children can be a phase in children’s development as they begin to interact with the world. However, some children have a heightened sense of fear and dread.

When such feelings of anxiety become dominant in your child’s thoughts, then you should surely find a cure. One of the cures for anxiety in children that has grown popular over the years is the use of CBD hemp oil drops.  The big question is, is pure CBD oil effective in combating anxiety in children? Well let’s find out:

1. CBD oil maintains a decrease in anxiety

study on the symptoms of a 10-year old who was sexually assaulted at five years of age showed that using cannabidiol products helped reduce anxiety steadily. The 10-year-old had been on pharmaceutical medicines, but the drugs were no longer effective in combating the anxiety. She had also suffered adverse side effects of the drugs that led her to lack of sleep. The research found that the pharmaceutical medications only offered partial relief, but soon the anxiety kicked in and the child lost control of her emotions. When she was introduced to CBD oil, the anxiety dropped significantly, and the relief was longer-lasting than when pharmaceutical medications were used.

2. Improves the quality of sleep in children with anxiety

CBD hemp products have a calming effect on anxiety and help improve the quality of sleep. The CBD receptors are located in the brain and modulate the neurotransmitter release, therefore, prevents excessive neuronal activity. CBD consumables can help reduce insomnia and improve the quality of sleep. Due it effects on calming nerves, many people buy CBD hemp oil online to help reduce insomnia caused by anxiety, and chronic illnesses.

In the study mentioned above about the 10-year old who had been struggling with sleep after three years following a traumatic experience, when she got introduced to CBD oil, it improved the quality of her sleep. Pure CBD oil drops, when used in a small dose, enhances alertness and activity during the day hence increases the intensity of sleep and improves the consistency of sleep-wake cycle. CBD works in improving sleep because of its anxiolytic and sleep-inducing effects.

3. CBD has no adverse side effects

One of the reasons why most people are looking for alternative treatment for anxiety is because of the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs used for anxiety. Most patients have tolerance problems with pharmaceutical drugs after prolonged use. When you buy hemp CBD products for the treatment of anxiety, you have a clear conscience that your child will not suffer devastating drug-related effects.

Contrary to what people think that using CBD drops for medication can cause addiction to marijuana, CBD doesn’t have the psychotic activities of THC. It, therefore, cannot produce the euphoric effects on the patient, neither can the child be addicted to it. CBD is the component of cannabis that is responsible for its medicinal potency; it has no recreational properties. Research done on mouse found that CBD in small doses has no side effect.

4. CBD oil has a feel-good effect on the patient

Anxiety in children is mostly caused after a traumatic experience. When a child has anxiety, he loses the glamour of life as he is constantly enveloped in fear. The traumatic experiences of the past will keep playing in his mind.

When CBD capsules are used in his treatment, they work by inhibiting neurotransmitter activity in the brain and gives a lasting calming effect to the patient. During this time, the brain takes a break from concentrating on trauma, and the patient can feel good about themselves. Research has shown that using CBD oil for anxiety also improves self-esteem in children suffering from anxiety.

5. CBD oil can be used in transition from pharmaceutical drugs to coping mechanisms

Nobody loves to be stuck on drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs are not only a burden in costs, but can also cause dependency. Using CBD as a transitional medication from pharmaceutical drugs helps the patient adapt to coping mechanisms like yoga, exercise, and mediation. The effects of CBD oil last long, and so the brain is poised to be receptive to new coping routines.

The use of CBD in medication is growing, thanks to its potency. The above researches have shown how CBD oil can be used in the treatment of anxiety successfully. If you would like to buy CBD drops for a similar case, please reach out to TerraVida online. They have a wide range of CBD products to help you with various conditions.

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