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4 Superior CBD Oil Extraction Methods

CBD is one of many potentially beneficial plant elements found in the stalks, stems, and flowers of cannabis plants. Most people who buy CBD online and in specialty shops are using products sourced from industrial hemp. Hemp has the health and wellness potential of marijuana, without the intoxicating effects.

Before the therapeutic potential of hemp-derived CBD can be added to tinctures, topicals, and edibles, the cannabinoid-rich oils must be extracted from the plant. To ensure the safety and purity of the products you select, it’s important to shop with a company that uses the best CBD extraction methods.

Extracting CBD-Rich Oils from Hemp Plants 

There are several extraction methods a company can use to isolate the cannabinoid-rich oils from plant matter. Since extraction methods directly influence product quality, knowing some of the many ways hemp oil (cannabidiol oil) can be extracted will help you make an informed purchasing decision. Consider the following examples:  

1. Steam Extraction 

Steam has been used for centuries to extract essential oils from plants. For steam extraction, pressurized steam infuses the plant material, plant oils are released into the water vapor, and the water vapor is collected in a separate receptacle where it condenses. Once collected, the oil and water mixture is distilled. Steam extraction is not ideal for hemp oil because heat can compromise product potency.

2. Solvent Extraction 

Solvent extraction is more efficient (and less expensive) than steam distillation. During solvent extraction, plant matter is saturated with a chemical solvent to separate the plant oils from the rest of the plant matter. After the oil is extracted, the solvent theoretically evaporates, but that doesn’t always happen. Some solvents, including petroleum, propane, and butane, can leave trace amounts of chemicals in the extracted oil that could be harmful if consumed.

3. Ethanol Extraction 

Ethanol extraction is a food-safe extraction method that uses a common food additive to release the oil from the plant matter, ethyl alcohol. After extraction, the alcohol evaporates. Ethanol extraction works well for large-scale production and can leave trace amounts of alcohol residue in the final product, but since ethyl alcohol is used in numerous consumable products, a small amount of ethyl alcohol residue is not considered harmful.

4. The Best CBD Extraction Method  

For versatility, safety, and purity, CO2 extraction(carbon dioxide) is considered the superior option. That’s because CO2 extraction preserves the many cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of the plant without leaving chemicals behind.

CO2 extraction utilizes a series of pressure and temperature-controlled chambers to transform carbon dioxide from a gas to a near-liquid. In its near-liquid state, CO2 functions as a chemical-free solvent to pull the plant oils from unwanted plant components. When the pressure and temperature are normalized, the liquefied carbon dioxide converts back to its gaseous state and is released. Just a few of the many advantages of CO2 extraction include:

No residue left in the plant extract.

No high temperatures that can decrease product potency

Offers manufacturers a higher cannabinoid yield than other extraction methods

Improves shelf life (CO2 is a natural sanitizing agent)

Some extraction methods can leave potentially harmful residues in your hemp oil products, while others can compromise product potency. To ensure safety and quality when you buy CBD products, it’s important to place your trust in a company that relies on the best extraction methods. That’s why so many CBD users trust TerraVida Online.

TerraVida Online is committed to bringing you the finest, purest hemp-derived CBD products available. Although our hemp crops are grown without pesticides and we use the best extraction methods, our products are still tested by an independent third-party lab to verify the cannabinoid content, terpene profile, and purity of every product we offer.

Whether you prefer full-spectrum CBD hemp oil or zero THC, visit TerraVida Online to view our selection of CBD drops, oral sprays, CBD capsules, skincare, and CBD spa products. CBD users who want clean, safe, lab-tested CBD products, shop Terra Vida online.

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