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This unique CBD Relief Salve helps reduce inflammation and help increase blood flow.Salves are fast and easy way for relief and comfort directly to affected areas.


Apply to skin & massage area until fully absorbed.
Repeat as desired.
Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Reduces inflammation

Easy to travel with

Fast, Direct relief

Based on 15 reviews

15 reviews for CBD RELIEF SALVE

  1. Nathan H.

    TerraVida is the only CBD brand I order from. I was a little skeptical about CBD at first but tried it on the advice of my doctor. I suffer from chronic pain and the only thing that helps the pain is this salve

  2. Morgan Fox

    I use CBD for relief of PTSDanxietydepressionchronic pain symptoms. This is the best brand I have tried by far.

  3. Dexter Round

    I have had arthritis for 9 years now, and this is the first treatment that has ever minimized my pain, decreased my swelling, and lessened my fatigue.

  4. AsusTop

    This cream does not work as a deodorant but it gives relief to arthritis and to all other kinds of body pains. My joints are greatly affected as years go by. Thanks to this as it was successful in giving me relief to the pain. What I like most about it is that it is touch free. This is the best answer to my problem as it is also skin-friendly. I recommend TerraVida to everyone!

  5. Rene Nivea

    I read the reviews and had to order this for a bad case of cystitis I get sometimes.
    I use this, a heating pad and CBD capsules. Helps the inflammation and I’m so glad I’m not in bed writhing in pain anymore. I feel huge relief!

  6. Rebecca K

    Never thought that CBD bath salts would work but once I hopped in the bath with them, I felt relief in all my painful areas. Love the smell and will order again in TerraVida shop!

  7. schub229

    I’m in the happy zone right now because I got to order this CBD relief salve and it worked perfectly for me. The anti-inflammatory properties were also something that I loved. I let my dad use this too after he had surgery on his hand and he loved it

  8. Pedro

    On the advice of a friend, I bought this product in TerraVida shop to relief arthritis and inflammation in my ankle. I have only been taking it for one month, but it appears to be working. I have less pain and stiffness.

  9. Jessie Hoffman

    I use CBD salve in combination with ice packs on my knees after basketball. The combination works perfectly for me. I feel that this quickens and enhances the effect of icing my knees.

  10. Geoffrey Then

    This CBD relief salve is great! I use it for any scratches or cuts I get during training. After applying this salve I always feel much better by the next day. Thank you TerraVida!

  11. Monica

    I was recommended this CBD relief salve from my friend Peter after serious surgery on my knee. I’m in love with the salve and it really does help with the pain as I am recovering from surgery. Highly recommend!

  12. Pmello392

    I decided to give the Relief Salve a try since I’ve had ankle and knee pain for 15 years. The salve provided pain relief and soothed at the same time, also great for muscle aches after working out. One more great product in TerraVida shop!!!

  13. Ronnie

    I have chronic neck and shoulder pain from working at a computer terminal every day. I rub a little of CBD Relief Salve on my neck and shoulder and my pain eases away in less than 10 minutes. This stuff is a wonder salve, I have used it to get rid of headaches as well, so it not only works on joint and muscle pain, but headaches. Will always purchase it on TerraVida website!

  14. Cynthia

    I have had pain from arthritis and problems sleeping for long 10 years. Tried the CBD relief salve and it did help! Next I tried the tincture and the relief is awesome with pain. I am a true believer in these products on TerraVida site!


    Advice from an old retired pharmacist: I`d recommend this CBD Salve to anyone. I have had debilitating pain in my knee for years. It is inoperable. This product has stopped the pain.

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