Our CBD Pet Oral Drops infused with 250mg CBD designed to promote daily health and wellness in our furry friends, while helping ease tension commonly
related to noise and other triggers.



Use as a treat and give directly to pet or add to food.
For Pets under 25Ibs. use 0.6ml (approx. 20 drops / 1 full dropper) twice daily or as desired.
For Pets over 25Ibs. use 1.2ml (approx. 40 drops / 2 full dropper).


Helps ease anxiety and stress

Made without artificial flavors, suger, meat or by-products

Calms pet



3 reviews for CBD PET ORAL DROPS

  1. Chaim Shachar

    Within a few days my 11 year old dog was walking better, this body was more relaxed and he was very mellow.

  2. Rossmery Dugan

    This is the best CBD oil I have ever purchased and I have been doing so for a few months.

  3. Smadar Grossman

    This formula was a great introduction for a cbd oil newbie/skeptic. I’m very pleased and have ordered additional CBD products.

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CBD Pet Oral Drops – Pure Hemp CBD Oil

Animal Dietary Supplement

Solving pet problems the natural way!

Our CBD Pet Oral Drops are infused with 250mg CBD oil and are designed to promote the health and wellbeing of all your furry friends.  This fantastic product helps ease any anxiety, stress and tension related to triggers such as noise and helps them keep calm.

Our products contain no artificial flavours, sugars or meat by-products.

How to incorporate CBD into your pert’s daily routine

CBD Pet Oral Drops can be given directly to your pet, or mixed in with their food.

For pets less than 25lbs. use 0.6ml; the equivalent of 1 full dropper or 20 drops, twice daily or as desired.

For pets over 25lbs. use 1.2ml; the equivalent of 2 full droppers or 40 drops, twice daily or as desired.

Common Medical Conditions in Pets

Pets often suffer from chronic health problems that can make them miserable and unhappy. These include: anxiety, arthritis, cancer, digestive issues, epilepsy and nausea.

How can your pet benefit from using CBD Oil

Firstly, CBD Oil has very few side effects. It doesn’t sedate your pets, nor does it damage their gastrointestinal tract, kidneys or liver. CBD Oil is not psychoactive and will help fussy eaters by increasing their appetite. CBD Oil helps control pain levels and is easily ingestible. Finally, it helps control seizures.

How to treat your pets with CBD Oil

Before deciding on treatment, talk to an understanding veterinarian for advice you on the use of CBD Oil. Make sure that you buy a top quality product, from a respectable manufacturer of CBD products. It is important that you buy the purest CBD oil, know what strength they are and ensure that the do not contain THC. Always measure the dosage out correctly, and start off with the smallest possible dose. The best way to give CBD oil to your pet is directly in the mouth or mixed in with food for fast absorption.  Look out for any changes in behaviour or signs of allergies.

Keep all CBD oil products out of reach from children and pets.

TerraVida maintains the highest standard of quality. Each product is lab-tested and made from 100% pure CBD oil from organic whole hemp plants farmed in Colorado. All other ingredients used are 100% natural and the products are manufactured in the USA, conforming to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and cruelty free certified.

CBD is now legally sold in all 50 states of the USA and can be used as a natural treatment by everyone.

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