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Contains 50mg CBD
8oz | 236ml


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Product Description

Restore and protect your hair with our CBD MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER. This revitalizing formula is blended with with 50 MG of CBD hemp oil, Almond, Olive and Avocado oils to nourish and strengthen those gorgeous tresses. Use after shampooing to tackle frizz and smooth split ends. LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES

How to USE

After Shampooing, massage into wet hair, paying special attention to ends. Rinse thoroughly. For optimal moisturizing benefits, leave on wet hair a few minutes before rinsing.

Key Benefits

Protects Color

Smooths Split Ends



  1. abigail porter

    This is a great choice for those who care about their hair and skin. I advise you to buy with shampoo

  2. Olivia Foster

    Love this product! And it really makes my hair strong and silky!

  3. Augusta Walter

    Excellent products with positive results

  4. Anna Gonzales

    I carefully select cosmetics for my hair. I learned about the benefits of CBD and decided to try shampoo and conditioner. I can’t say anything about the result so far, but the delivery and service are excellent.

  5. Bea N.

    I bought this stuff in TerraVida shop a couple of months ago. Amazing feeling after I washed this CBD conditioner out of my hair. Really happy it helped the dry dry dry hair that I’ve developed over the past couple of years due to dyeing it. Tangle free and happy!

  6. Jlf03

    Love this shampoo and conditioner. They work really well together. They are fresh and earthy. Many of my clients said it smells like something from a high end spa! The shampoo and conditioner are really creamy! I’m happy to get it in TerraVida shop!

  7. k caley

    Everyone should use CBD conditioner if they can. TerraVida has great products too! I feel my hair is really polished and shines. I really love that it’s natural. Highly recommend this product!

  8. Kevin A

    Just the right amount of moisturizer without being greasy. Will definitely order this skin reviver cream again.

  9. J. Fisher

    I love it! I was using a deep conditioner from the beuty salon, but this works much better ! My scalp isn’t irritated and looks fuller for sure. I’m also going to order nourishing shampoo in TerraVidaonline!

  10. sasha socaras

    ) I have lately heard that Its so important to use natural products on your hair so i decided to buy this in TerraVidaonline. This cbd conditioner brought my dull yucky hair back to life. It actually looks shiny and healthy! Strongly recommend it for usage!

  11. F. Bisera

    Conditioned my hair with this cbd conditioner and it left it with less tangles than normal and I didn’t even have to use a leave in treatment after. TerraVida, you save my time and money!

  12. Sherri

    Love the silky feel of this moisturizer! 20/10

  13. Kathaleen Lehmann

    Look into some anti-aging products before going under the knife… especially cbd moisturizers. I’ve done and happy now with my beloved CBD day and night moisture!

  14. Yani E

    Tried this CBD moisturizing conditioner when my ends were feeling dry. After few showers with it, my ends felt smooth and silky. I love this conditioner so much I even got the CBD shampoo nourishing my hair and really making me happy!

  15. Becca G.

    Great CBD conditioner for dry and damaged hair. IT really moistures and polish my hair! I give it 5 stars!

  16. Sara

    This is great shampoo. It smells really good and has given me a completely different scalp. Never itchy, can go an extra day without washing my hair before it gets greasy. If you want healthy hair and a clean scalp, save yourself the time and buy this. Going to try TerraVida’s conditioner!


    WOAH! I love this CBD moisturizer! It really helped awaken my skin, and took away some wrinkle spots as well, which I love! To my mind, the best product on CBD market…..like all other TerraVida products

  18. Savannah

    Absolutely amazing hair product! Instantly could tell a difference in the shower. Made my hair smoother, softer, and shinier. I give that product 5 stars. I wish bigger bottles of the shampoo and conditioner can be made.

  19. R. Russom

    A great moisturizer. This cbd body moister blast butter has done wonders for my skin. I use it for great results .. even gets rid of scars!

  20. Nicolett

    Love this shampoo! It smells great and leaves my hair super soft, clean, and healthy. I always use it with hair conditioner and really have excellent results. TerraVida shop is the best!

  21. F Barrow

    I used the shampoo and the cbd conditioner as well. Has helped my bleached hair feel soft again. This stuff work perfectly in pair.

  22. James C

    This shampoo with the conditioner has made my hair feel softer my scalp not so dry feeling and an over all feel of confidence. Thank You.

  23. Heather Hatch

    This shampoo rinses clean and smells great ! And the conditioner is awesome too
    I’m a big fan of Terravida now. I also helps me to retain hair color!

  24. Sherri

    When I was given a sample by my Stylist, I felt skeptical about it, but thought I’d give it a try. Well let me say, from now I will not wash or condition my hair with another product! My hair is full of shine and smoothness! All I can say is WOW! Waiting for my next bottle from TerraVida!

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