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(14 customer reviews)
Contains 50mg CBD
8oz I 236mg


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Product Description

Delightfully scented with red currant and citrus, our silky CBD HAND & BODY LOTION is perfect for using all day long, every day. With 50MG of CBD hemp oil and other naturally occurring vitamins and minerals it makes the perfect addition to your daily routine. LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES

How to USE

Massage into hands after every washing and to the body after bathing.

Key Benefits


Nourishes and Soothes

50MG of CBD

14 reviews for CBD HAND & BODY LOTION

  1. Avatar

    lily crawford

    Im happy with the results and will continue using this quality lotion

  2. Avatar

    Elizabeth K.

    I tried a lot of different lotions. Most are poorly absorbed and leave greasy marks. I’m happy with it, perfectly moisturizes the skin

  3. Avatar

    Wilma Leapman

    The service was great. Don’t know about lotion yet. Just started using it. I’ll give a more thorough update after a month of me using the product.

  4. Avatar

    Anna Ross

    My husband bought this for me to try and it’s amazing! I will be buying more 🙂

  5. Avatar


    Fantastic CBD! Works great on bursitis and muscle sprains

  6. Avatar


    So far, so good. We’ve given it to our teenage son each night and really does seem to have subsided his anxiety a little bit.

  7. Avatar


    This stuff not only smells awesome, it works! Within a few uses, I noticed a little difference and within about a week I noticed a drastic change. So did my hubby. This product is wonderful! Thanks TerraVida

  8. Avatar


    This is now officially my favorite alternative to pain killers! I like how it is so easy to use and I love its mess-free application. It comes in a bottle just like a deodorant and it takes away any kind of body pain especially if the cause is arthritis. Strongly recommend it!

  9. Avatar


    I used to love dancing and it saddens me when I feel that I cannot move and execute dance steps as smoothly as I used to because of the pain in my knees Thankfully, a friend told me about TerraVida roll-on gel and now, nothing stops me from dancing the night away!

  10. Avatar


    Makes my face feel so smooth and hydrated. Does not clog my pores. love its consistency….. My skin is thankful to TerraVida!

  11. Avatar


    I’m a journalist and I have to interview famous people very often. However, it also comes with extreme pressure because I have to look great all the time, and it actually gives me confidence to perform my job. Thankfully, I have this weight loss spray to keep me in shape!

  12. Avatar

    Drew Kamper

    calming, it really does work when you’re stressed out. not the tastiest thing in the world, but the taste is short lasting and worth it for the remedy.

  13. Avatar

    Denise H.

    This lotion helps me to relax my muscles after a hard working day. My greetings to your stuff

  14. Avatar


    I’ve just heard about this spray’s properties from my friends but didn’t have chance to try it. But seeing good results other people have, I ordered this product in TerraVida shop and it was shipped very fast to my surprise! So today is my first day with this spray! Will let you know how it works later!

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