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Dietary Supplement
0.25oz | 8ml

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Product Description

Get the well-deserved sleep that you need with the help of our CBD Good Night Sleep Oral Spray. Infused, with melatonin and valerian root to help promote a long and restful sleep.
Not intended to be used by anyone under the age of 18 without adult supervision.
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How to USE

Shake well. Adults spray two (2) sprays into mouth 15 minutes before bedtime. For best results spray under the tongue, hold for few seconds, then swallow.

Key Benefits

Promotes good sleep habits

Absorbs Quickly

Convenient And Portable



  1. Avatar

    Ethel Furst

    The best CBD product that I have tried!

  2. Avatar

    Sandra Alonso

    Pleasantly surprised. My first time in cbd world. If things stay the same, I’ll order again for sure.

  3. Avatar

    Elijah Cooper

    Help me have a very relaxed sleep without side effects! Thank you TerraVida!

  4. Avatar

    liam rice

    Got it for good sleeping and it has helped greatly!

  5. Avatar

    jacob hawkins

    It helps calm my mind at night , sleeping much better

  6. Avatar

    Wyatt M.

    I’ve tried other supplements for face sleeping and relaxing and they do not compare to TerraVida spray. Take one before bed for great sleep. Waking up less stressed and less anxious is a great feeling.

  7. Avatar

    Joanna Kingsman

    I like it!!!!! I am 63 years old and have a hard time relaxing at night. This stuff relaxes me in the evening and helps me sleep. Very good product and i will be buying more!!!!

  8. Avatar


    I had trouble sleeping for many years. TerraVida gave me ease into dreamland in the form of this oral spray, so I feel happy now!!!

  9. Avatar


    Very amazing oral spray, I ordered this for myself and it was shipped to me very fast. I just started using it yesterday and already feel results. Thank you, guys! I will recommend your shop!

  10. Avatar


    Seeing some improvement on the scale. Don’t know how this works but I can live without knowing, I just need the results. I’m striving for better results with this oral spray!

  11. Avatar


    When my close friend got into an accident, I felt so down even though I knew that there’s nothing I could have done to prevent the accident from happening. I searched for different solutions including pills and psychiatrist but nothing seemed to work until I started using TerraVida magic oral spray to cope with this stressful situation! And I should say that it works! It really works!

  12. Avatar


    Easy way to get some energy after a long day.. I really enjoy it Thank you TerraVida for this energy boost oral spray!

  13. Avatar


    I work as a caregiver, so I needed something to keep supplying me with the energy that I need to do my job well and that’s exactly what this oral spray does! Thank you, Terravida!

  14. Avatar


    Very amazing oral spray, I ordered this for myself and it was shipped to me very fast. I just started using it yesterday and it seemed very beneficial.

  15. Avatar


    This Good night sleep oral spray is Wonderful !! And works well. Two sprays under tongue, and you definitely fall asleep. I will highly recommend this without fail. Keep up the good work, TerraVida!

  16. Avatar


    We all spend 5 or 6 days of a week at our jobs… and it takes a lot of energy and concentration to do the job well. A co-worker recommended this oral spray and it really worked! Now we just laugh at the things we did on those days when we felt a bit off as they turned out to be things of the past. I will recommend TerraVidaonline to all my colleagues and friends!

  17. Avatar

    Dylan Nelso

    I finally get a good rest. I wake up completely rested and energized. “Good night” words have a direct meaning for me now. Thank you for the good night sleep oral spray!

  18. Avatar


    I’m absolutely so shocked!! I finally found the right cbd for me and this sleep oral spray let’s me sleep again!! I haven’t slept for years like this!! I’m in a much better mood now and want to start my day 🙂 Sleep is extremely important for me!! Thank you so much Terra Vida!!

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