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4oz | 118ml

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Full Spectrum

Key Benefits

Deep Cleaning

Convenient Pump Dispenser

Essential Amino Acids

Product Description

Cleanse your face with our CBD Face Cleanser with aloe and witch hazel! Our lightweight lotion formula cleans and replenishes skin with natural extracts.

How to USE

Apply gently to a wet face in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with a warm, damp cloth.


Frequently Asked Questions

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, which is a complex of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Research shows that CBD is safe to consume and is non psychoactive. It has long been credited for its beneficial health effects.
CBD hemp oil is legal in a growing number of countries worldwide, including the US, most of Europe, and South Africa. Where it is legal, you do not require a permit or recommendation from your doctor to buy our products. They can be purchased online and shipped to your home. We regularly update the list of countries we ship to, complying with the regulations in these countries. For the complete list of countries we ship to, please refer to our Shipping and Handling page.

13 reviews for CBD FACE CLEANSER

  1. Avatar


    I’ve lately opened TerraVida’s face cleanser for myself! It dissolves my makeup, cleans my pores, then leaves my face feeling soft, moisturized and non-greasy. Love this stuff.

  2. Avatar

    Maya Eller

    I have never used a product that cleared up my skin condition as well as this one! It also smells delicious!!!

  3. Avatar


    This cleanser is nice to apply on my face almost everyday. And so far, it seems to be the best i have used. TerraVida, your products do marvels!

  4. Avatar

    Christian Flick

    The quality is outstanding and the shipping was fast!

  5. Avatar

    Daniel Diaz

    I had serious skin problems, my cosmetologist advised me on this cleaner and I am happy. Skin is clean and health

  6. Avatar

    Helena Javier

    Till lately I was wondering how to keep my skin smooth and healthy. I may not be exposed to the harmful rays of the sun but I am still exposed to other kinds of pollutants. I met my skincare partner and that is TerraVida’s CBD face cleanser!

  7. Avatar

    rebecca peters

    I am very pleased with my results and will purchase again.

  8. Avatar

    Theresa Holiday

    A truly great product that should be available to everyone with ease

  9. Avatar


    I love animals and I love hugging them close. However, I have noticed that at times, my face gets itchy and sometimes some small bumps appear. I cannot give up hugging my fur babies so I decided to find a cleanser that can combat such effects. I found it and now I use this cleanser daily so I can hug my pets without worries!

  10. Avatar

    Mariel Martin

    Being a professional singer, I have other things that I have to take care of aside from my voice and one of those is my skin. I need to make sure that I have clear and beautiful skin and I do this by using TerraVida’s CBD facial cleanser every morning and every night before I got to bed! It works wonderful!

  11. Avatar


    I have dry sensitive skin and this toner is just what I was looking for! Wonderful product! I am also going to order TerraVida CBD face cleanser. Sure these two will make an ideal couple!

  12. Avatar

    Dianna Lopez

    This is a great cleanser. It feels good going on and makes my face feel refreshed!

  13. Avatar


    Miraculous face cleanser!!! The best one! Thank you, TerraVida!

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