Deeply clean your skin with our CBD Face Cleanser!
This lightweight lotion cleans and replenishes face with natural extracts & CBD.



Apply gently to a wet face in a circular motion.
Rinse thoroughly with warm, damp cloth.


Cleans thoroughly

Refreshes and Nourishes skin

Ultralight weight deep penetrating cleanser



2 reviews for CBD FACE CLEANSER

  1. Maya Eller

    I have never used a product that cleared up my skin condition as well as this one! It also smells delicious!!!

  2. Christian Flick

    The quality is outstanding and the shipping was fast!

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CBD Skin Care – Only the Purest CBD for Your Skin

CBD Face Cleanser –Skin Care with Pure Hemp CBD Oil

The first and most basic step of any skin care routine is cleansing. You need to get rid of daily pollutants in the evening and excess oils from the skin in the morning.

Our CBD Face Cleanser will provide your skin with a deep clean and the lightweight formulation of this lotion penetrates through the surface layers gently as it lifts dirt, refreshes and nourishes with its unique combination of CBD oil and other natural extracts.

How to incorporate CBD Face Cleanser into your daily routine

Wet your face and apply gently in light circular motions. Rinse off thoroughly with a warm damp cloth.

CBD oil in your skin care routine

CBD oil can replace other products and is easily integrated into your skin care routine. TerraVida has a complete range of skin care products to cover every type of skin which can be purchased easily from our online store. These include a facial cleanser, toner and a range of creams and moisturizers for the face and body.

Since all CBD oil products contain zero THC, they have become extremely popular globally. Our CBD oil products are made from organic whole hemp extraction and do not produce a ‘high’ in users. Consumers, together with spas and salons are rediscovering one of the oldest beauty treatments. Our quality CBD oil products offer the safe, high quality and effective products at an affordable price.

How CBD regulates oil production

CB2 receptors in the skin appear to be connected to the regulation of oil production by the sebaceous glands. Some skins have a shortage of endocannabinoids, causing dryness, while other skins may have an overproduction causing problems like acne. The application of CBD oil treatments helps to regulate both.

Find solutions for a wide range of skin ailments from our creams, serums, oils and gels and know that they produce no known side effects.

TerraVida maintains the highest standard of quality. Each product is lab-tested and made from 100% pure CBD oil from organic whole hemp plants farmed in Colorado. All other ingredients used are 100% natural and the products are manufactured in the USA, conforming to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and cruelty free certified.

CBD is now legally sold in all 50 states of the USA and can be used as a natural treatment by everyone.

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