Dietary Supplement

0.25oz | 8ml




Our CBD Energy Boost Oral Spray is designed to help you maintain your focus throughout the day without crashing.

Our formula contains a blend of Vitamins B-12, A & D to promote optimum energy.

*Not intended to be used by anyone under the age of 18 without adult supervision.


Shake well. Adults spray six (6) sprays into mouth as needed.
For best results spray under tongue, hold for few seconds, then swallow.
Use daily as dietary supplement.

Quick oral absorption of nutrients and CBD

Easy to travel with

Healthy dose of energy

Based on 24 reviews


  1. Ethan M.

    I drive a truck and work 12 hour days. 7 sprays in the morning has relieved me of stress!

  2. Charlotte Sullivan

    Thank you so much it is just what I needed it added the energy and as I continue to use it I’m sure that I would get all the other benefits as well thank you TerraVida I will recommend you to others!

  3. Zoe Chavez

    At first I was skeptical but my husband friend and his boss both swear by this TerraVida CBD spray so I gave it a try… I AM AMAZED at how much this helps …

  4. Constance London

    I have been very pleased with this product. It has met all of my expectations. I will purchase again.

  5. B. Griswold

    I had problems at work and I needed something relieving me from anxiety. I went through TerraVida site and this is one of the products I got. This cbd oral spray and cbd drops all helped me. People should really look into this stuff. I’m glad I did.

  6. Eilish

    HELLO! OMG….I love this CBD ORAL SPRAY for its calming effect! This is something that I’ve been looking for…. and I’m so relieved I’ve found it! I will definitely be purchasing more. It’s a good BANG for your buck!

  7. Steve McCurdy

    Terravida CBD good night sleep oral spray was a surprise to me. I use it every day for better sleep at night. WELL worth the price.

  8. Richard Hendrick

    this spray helps with my sudden panic attacks Love it! Really works. Many thanks to you!

  9. Ashley

    It’s not that I was too stressed or nervous, but a little bit anxious I suppose. But listen! This spray is a magic one. I feel relaxed and calm!!! That is what I didn’t experience till now! TerraVida, I’m your fan!

  10. Chris

    I bought this spray for my mom and she is impressed with the results. She just started to use the spray but she said that she feels energized and she can see some improvement with her weight. Thanks to TerraVida!

  11. James H

    Excellent CBD spray for stressful situations. I tend to use this when i’m having a bad day and it works every time. I let my friend use this and he fell in love. Will definitely buy more. In TerraVida shop.

  12. Heidee L

    I had a nightmare experience with some problems at work and needed this CBD spray to calm me.
    It helped me so much to get rid of my stress… I’m ok with dealing with and facing work.
    TerraVida is the best shop online. Best CBD for nervousness!

  13. F. Wade

    Superb! I like giving myself a little spray before I head out to class or work. Best CBD spray for anxiety and to calm you down! 10/10

  14. Carlene Potter

    Changing from product to product is a daunting task and takes a lot of money. I’m so glad I found this cbd spray that really works. Used this for sleepless night when I needed to calm down. I feel refreshed in the morning! Thanks to TerraVida!

  15. Marc N.

    I Work in the tech industry and always in front of computer. This energy boost oral spray works very well to focus and stay on task! Love this stuff! Will definitely buy more in TerraVida!

  16. Bruce J

    Perfect product for traveling! I can take this CBD energy spray on plane without issue unlike glass bottles. Works well and I don’t think I can live without this and get work done now! One more great product of TerraVida!

  17. Bethany Morris

    I tried many TerraVida products but my favorite one is CBD energy boost oral spray. I recommend it to anyone using energy drinks. This works great just like a red bull does but no crashing or headaches from not having them. Great natural product!

  18. Benji P

    Works great and has no crash or side effects like a Red Bull does! Thanks, TerraVida! Your energy boost spray is a great stuff!

  19. Sheeba R.

    I will give TerraVida 5 stars for effective product and great thing to have. This energy boost oral spray is awesome!

  20. Amelia Wanke

    I’ve used TerraVida energy boost oral spray daily since the first time I got it. No side effects, no stomach aches like with coffee and energy drinks. Thanks!

  21. K C

    OMG…This is amazing and I noticed the energy immediately after using it. I do strenuous work and this energy boost oral spray was just what I needed to keep me focused for long hours.

  22. Hilary

    This energy spray works well for I definitely notice the energy! I work late some nights, so have been using it around 10pm. It’s been my replacement for coffee. I can get to sleep after getting off work too, it hasn’t kept me up. Highly recommend.

  23. Rokas

    Awesome energy spray! I’d be willing to buy second time, for sure!

  24. Selene Dehn

    My kids will always have more energy than I, but at least this helps keep up with them a bit more. TerraVida, thank you for this fantastic oral spray giving me so much energy I need!

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