Our CBD De’colletage & Neck Anti-Aging Cream helps to firm & tighten the neck area while improving its overall elasticity and firmness.
This Anti-Aging Cream stimulates the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid to naturally hydrate the skin.
Natural Hemp Extracts help to repair damage and nourish skin for a radiant glow.



Apply to clean De’collete & Neck area 1-2 times a day.


Helps restore firmness

Repairs damage while nourishing the skin

Improves the overall look of your chin-to-chest area

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  1. Tanya Fagin

    We are always happy with the quality of service and product we receive from Terravida!

  2. Elka Aish

    I have been taking twice the recommended serving for over a week and I’m noticing absolutely no difference in anything.

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CBD Skin Care – Only the Purest CBD for Your Skin

CBD Décolletage & Neck Cream –Anti-Aging with Pure Hemp CBD Oil

Reap the benefits of CBD oil’s host of anti- ageing properties and stop time in its tracks.

Our CBD Décolletage & Neck Cream will help restore firmness to the whole area between your chin and chest.

While it nourishes the skin it will also repair damage by restoring firmness and the skin’s elasticity.

This powerful anti-aging cream stimulates the skin into naturally producing Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates the skin.

The natural hemp extracts help to repair damage; as they nourish the skin it starts have a radiant glow.

Incorporating CBD into your daily routine

Massage CBD Décolletage & Neck Cream to the area between the chest and chin with delicate upward movements once or twice a day.

Anti-aging benefits of Hemp CBD oil

CBD oil does much more than give a smoother and moisturized skin. Its anti-ageing properties combined with its anti-oxidant properties have been known to us for some time now when researchers realized that it fights free radicals in the body and skin. Free radicals in our skin are what cause the sign of aging and we come into contact with them on a daily basis through pollution, chemicals and toxins. UV rays are also extremely harmful; one of the main culprits for skin damage.

Besides its antioxidants, CBD oil also has vitamins A, B, C, D and E, all needed in the promotion of a younger looking skin.

CBD oil and the unique skincare products developed by us at TerraVida, will help the skin defend itself and will stop and reverse the signs of damage and ageing.

What is Hemp CBD oil?

The cannabis plant has over a hundred known chemical compounds, of which two are well known. Hemp CBD is the one and THC the other. THC is know for the psychoactive effect it has on users, whereas, CBD oil is the extract from the industrial hemp plant and has no such effect, whether taken orally or used topically.

TerraVida maintains the highest standard of quality. Each product is lab-tested and made from 100% pure CBD oil from organic whole hemp plants farmed in Colorado. All other ingredients used are 100% natural and the products are manufactured in the USA, conforming to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and cruelty free certified.

CBD is now legally sold in all 50 states of the USA and can be used as a natural treatment by everyone.

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