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1oz | 30ml

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Product Description

Moisturize your skin with our light weight formula! Our CBD Day Skin Reviver Cream absorbs easily into the skin to provide much needed moisture and boost your skin’s natural radiance.
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How to USE

Apply daily to a clean face & neck. Allow to dry before applying makeup. Use daily as needed for soft, fresh moisturized skin.

Key Benefits

Hydrates Skin

Enhances Skin's Natural Glow

Nourishes with Vitamins A, C and E


  1. Avatar

    Ben Jacobs

    Great product at a wonderful price. I was looking for a product that had all the “right” ingredients as recommended to me by my physician. CBD day skin reviver cream has not been a disappointment. I have ordered a second time in TerraVida and will continue to use!

  2. Avatar

    Vicky Weber

    Love this product! And it makes my skin soft, added bonus

  3. Avatar

    Jennifer K

    This day skin reviver cream is the unique product that works very well for me. I was searching for something like that but found only here on TerraVida website! 10/10

  4. Avatar

    Eli Wartman

    Thankfully I have been using this product for a month, and it works well for me! It does a great job mellowing out my overactive mind. I am very thankful for the long lasting camping effects.

  5. Avatar

    Zoey J.

    Very nourishing for irritated skin. The scent is very delicate – not medicinal. I’m glad I purchased this cream!

  6. Avatar

    Lucy Kirk

    Helps keep my skin clear and moisturized for a good part of the day, even after applying make up. It doesn’t effect my makeup either as some lotions do. Love this CBD day cream very much!

  7. Avatar

    Sofia Washington

    TerraVida always has the best products for decent price… never asking for insane amounts for little actual product…

  8. Avatar


    This product has been incredibly helpful will be buying more

  9. Avatar

    Sarah Blare

    My skin feels smoother and healthier with this cream

  10. Avatar

    Bekah T.

    Really helps bring down inflammation on my face, especially around eyes in the morning. This day skin reviver cream deserves 5 stars!

  11. Avatar


    I have deep wrinkles in my neck area and after using TerraVida cream morning and night, I noticed a difference after a couple of days!

  12. Avatar

    Ellen K.

    My experience is always excellent with TerraVida! I love the product and my delivery is very prompt. And I also feel safe knowing it’s pure and has no side effects!!

  13. Avatar


    We have been using it for the last 8 days and so far impressed. Now, just need to get my son to try it…

  14. Avatar


    This is a true miracle cream! I have used it on sore muscles post workout and it makes the pain melt away almost immediately. I also used it on eczema on my arms and it made it go away in a matter of days. I’ve tried other CBD creams, but this one is the most legit. 10/10!

  15. Avatar


    Love that I can use it every day. without irritating my sensitive skin. A little goes a long way!

  16. Avatar

    Mary Fullerton

    Have used this product daily for several months primarily as a skin moisturizer in a very dry climate. Amazingly I no longer develop clogged pores nor skin blemishes while skin remains moist – and now quit smooth. Am Most Impressed!!

  17. Avatar

    Mary Alice Fullerton

    Have nearly finished my first jar of Day Skin Reviver Cream. It keeps my face surprisingly moist in our dry climate yet my face never develops a blemish – a very pleasant surprise for this aging skin. Will surely order more.

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With the addition of apple stem cells and essential vitamins A, C and E, our CBD skin care creams and lotions are rich and nourishing to the skin. What better way to start your day than with a great CBD Face Cleanser followed by the purifying effects of our CBD Face Toner and your choice of an enriched CBD facial moisturizer like the CBD Day & Night Moisture or CBD Radiance Cream with Collagen and Retinol, both with the convenient built in pump dispenser. The CBD Day Skin Reviver Cream is easily absorbed and provides the face with essential Vitamins A, C and E.
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