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750mg / Bottle
25mg / Serving
30 Capsules

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Full Spectrum

Key Benefits

Premeasured, no mess convenience

Receive Whole Plant Benefits In Each Capsule

Ideal For Traveling

Product Description

Enjoy our HPMC Vegetarian CBD Capsules! Odorless and flavorless, our Full Spectrum capsules contain CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp. Benefit from the “whole plant” extraction process and harness all the potential wellness benefits of CBD, CBC and CBN. Capsules are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to obtain your CBD.

How to USE

Take 1 capsule orally 1-2 time per day. Adjust dosage if necessary. Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Frequently Asked Questions

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, which is a complex of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Research shows that CBD is safe to consume and is non psychoactive. It has long been credited for its beneficial health effects.
CBD hemp oil is legal in a growing number of countries worldwide, including the US, most of Europe, and South Africa. Where it is legal, you do not require a permit or recommendation from your doctor to buy our products. They can be purchased online and shipped to your home. We regularly update the list of countries we ship to, complying with the regulations in these countries. For the complete list of countries we ship to, please refer to our Shipping and Handling page.

15 reviews for CBD CAPSULES 750mg

  1. Avatar

    Ava Ross

    I personally cannot say enough about how wonderful the product is I personally find that it helps!

  2. Avatar


    I love the caps and the isolate. Customer service is excellent also. This is my go to place for cbd.

  3. Avatar

    lucas robertson

    First time buying capsules. I usually get the liquid. I think I like these better.

  4. Avatar

    Alexander B.

    These capsules seem to absorb better and last longer in your body than the tinctures. Very convenient to take.

  5. Avatar


    I love the capsules. I get the benefits of full spectrum CBD with convenience!

  6. Avatar


    After trying CBD oil for the first time last year, i decided to invest in these CBD capsules in TerraVida shop, as they are so handy to carry around with you. And they also make me feel healthier and more energetic throughout the day.

  7. Avatar

    Boris Jones

    Just first week using the capsules and I am very happy.

  8. Avatar


    After trying a lot of CBD products in the past 6 months, I have definitely settled on these capsules…so easy to take my daily CBD dose that makes me healthier day by day!

  9. Avatar

    Ellen Moore

    TerraVida Capsules are a god gift. I would recommend all of their products!! They help me to cope with my xxxxxxx and have better sleep!

  10. Avatar


    TerraVida CBD capsules work for me like magic! Now, I can say that I have been worry-free since day 1 and I am as productive and as happy as I can be!

  11. Avatar


    As a teacher, I cannot afford to get sick. To prevent this from happening, I take these capsules regularly and feel healthy and happy!!

  12. Avatar


    These CBD capsules are the perfect strength for me and the price isn’t bad either. I buy them only in TerraVida shop and feel happy about it!

  13. Avatar


    I’ve been taking capsules now for 5 days to wake up feeling better than I have in 5 years is an incredible feeling! Thank you so much for sharing your product so everyone can find relief.

  14. Avatar


    I like all CBD products TerraVida offers. But CBD capsules is something that I discovered lately for myself and won’t change for anything else! It really works!!!

  15. Avatar


    These capsules are very comfortable to keep in my office when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed. They give me strength and confidence I what I’m doing!

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