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How Come I Did Not Hear About CBD

While it’s a billion dollar industry these days, lots of people are just starting to hear about CBD products. If you’re one of those people who never really noticed cannabidiol products like CBD tinctures, CBD face cream, or even CBD cosmetics until recently, don’t worry, you’re not alone. As more people turn to this natural product for relief from everything from anxiety to pain relief, it’s important to understand what CBD is, where it comes from, and how this segment of the market went from a scientific curiosity to such a booming business


While cannabis has been used both recreationally and medicinally for centuries, even as recently as being a main ingredient in old-time cough syrups, CBD is a slightly different beast. Because traditional cannabis has THC in it (the compound that produces the high associated with marijuana), as well as CBD. So, it’s the CBD that does things like reduce pain, swelling, anxiety, and other factors, while it’s the THC that gets users high. 

And despite the long tradition of cannabis being used by people, it’s only been within the last few decades that we’ve developed the know-how to identify high-CBD strains, and to separate CBD from THC to create a product that produces many of the positive effects of cannabis use, but without worrying about the high that comes with introducing THC into the body. 

As far as the origin of modern CBD products, though, we can trace it back to Great Britain in 1998. 

According to Project CBD, that year the British government licensed a company called GW Pharmaceuticals to grow a consistent strain of cannabis for medical trials. The company’s goal was to focus on plants with a high CBD content, but minimal THC, with the intention of producing cannabis-based medicine with little-to-no side effects. The company was successful, and its findings were discussed at meetings of the International Association for Cannabis Medicine. This meant that as more was discovered about the effects of CBD on the human body, those results were being talked about in the broader community. 

As the 2000s came along, scientists in medical marijuana states in the U.S. also joined in on CBD research. 2009 was when some of the first strains with more CBD than THC were developed, and according to The Kind Pen it was in 2010 that some of the first, major results of CBD use in medicine began to make waves in the mainstream press. From cancer treatments, to epilepsy, to brain tumors, there were some notable cases where treatments using CBD were showing real results. 

How CBD Became An Industry 

While CBD products contain a material found in cannabis, most laws that make marijuana illegal do so on the basis of the THC content. Since CBD products have negligible amounts of THC, when it’s present at all, they were legal under a lot of laws. And as marijuana laws began changing from state-to-state across the U.S., more and more markets opened up for CBD products. Whether it was topical creams, oils, or edibles for pets dealing with arthritis and nervous stomachs, CBD was on the scene. 

Though it’s true that science is still researching exactly why CBD works the way it does on people (as well as on our four-legged friends), there is no denying that a product that’s gotten this popular is definitely getting results. And while there have been some hiccoughs regarding its shifting legality in certain places over time, as Leafly points out, CBD products don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Which is definitely good news for those who have had their lives improved by this particular industry. 

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