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Everything You Should Know About CBD & Drug Tests

Thanks to the questionable legal status of marijuana across the country, it can be confusing to know what is or isn’t ok where you live. Fortunately, cannabidiol, or CBD, is much more straightforward than other cannabis-related products, as it’s essentially protected by the 2014 Farm Bill. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be careful. No one wants to risk their job, liberty, or personal happiness, after all. The good news is that CBD alone shouldn’t pose any legal or professional risks, but there are a few key details one should bear in mind. 

Will CBD Show Up On A Drug Test?

The short answer is no, but there are some exceptions. Generally speaking, most drug tests check for THC, the cannabinoid responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects. CBD, on the other hand, is an entirely separate and different cannabinoid that most drug tests don’t look for. As long as you’ve been consuming one and not the other, drug tests shouldn’t be an issue for you. It really is that simple, but of course, there are a few issues that mildly complicate the matter. 

The THC vs CBD Ratio

If you’ve shopped around for CBD at all, you’ve probably noticed many products claiming to have less than 0.3% THC. By law, this is the maximum amount of THC allowed in CBD products across the nation. This ratio generally applies to full-spectrum CBD, as broad-spectrum and CBD isolates should have no THC to worry about whatsoever. The question is; will full-spectrum CBD trigger a positive drug test result? Here again, the answer is no. 

The 0.3% ratio of THC is much too small for drug tests of any kind to detect. For perspective, you would need about 50 nanograms per milligram of THC (50 ng/mg) to trigger a positive result in most drug tests. This is equivalent to about 50 billionths of a milligram. With full-spectrum CBD oil, there is only about 5 trillionths of a milligram per serving. Nowhere near enough to be detected with a common drug screening.  

THC In CBD Products

There is definitely some concern about CBD and other hemp products containing more THC than they should. Due to the lack of regulation around the hemp industry, it’s relatively easy for some farms and CBD businesses to get away with imprecise practices that lead to higher THC levels in their products. For example, farms growing hemp and marijuana side-by-side can easily become cross-contaminated and affect each others’ cannabinoid ratio, among other things.

The good news is that inaccurate THC levels are a low risk for consumers who know what they’re looking for. CBD that’s been third-party tested is always the best choice for accurate cannabinoid ratios, as well as for other concerns. Until better regulation practices are implemented, there’s always a chance that untested products could contain more than you bargained for. That’s why buying CBD hemp oil products from TerraVida Online, where all our CBD products are rigorously tested, is a smart choice.

Safe & Responsible CBD Products For Sale Online

In conclusion, taking CBD oil or any other reliable hemp-based product shouldn’t interfere with your drug test results. Whether it’s full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate, your liberty and career should both be safe. Given that CBD is a non-psychoactive substance, there isn’t likely to be a test for it anytime soon. Since it doesn’t actually impair anyone, employers and public agencies probably won’t be overly concerned about it. 

At TerraVida Online, our products are all third-party lab tested to uphold the highest standards of quality and effect. We offer a selection of CBD products from skin creams and CBD shampoo to CBD oral drops and soft-gels. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, and be sure to take advantage of all the ways CBD can have a positive impact on your life!

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