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Embrace Optimal Aging - The root of aging is anything but skin-deep

When we look at where we are now compared to 100 years ago, or even 25 years ago, we have come very long way. With advancements in science to technology to medicine, mankind is making great strides and our knowledge of the past, future and present is growing by leaps and bounds. Think about it, where would we be without smartphones for example? The world and all it has to offer is in the palm of our hands and at our fingertips, quite literally. You perhaps cannot imagine what we did before the advent of such great technology.

Since the last decade or so, we have been witnessing and experiencing countless fads and trends in the fields of wellness and anti-aging. I do not particularly like the word anti-aging, as it confers a negative message that one should not embrace or enjoy aging. I prefer the term, optimal aging. Integrative medicine encompasses all this, as it is proactive and preventative medicine, not reactive. Here are my top five wellness trends.

Plant-based diet and intermittent fasting

This may not be just a trend, but a belief system that will be firmly ensconced in mainstream nutrition. Whether you are against animal cruelty and violence or not, this goes way beyond that. Plant-based nutrition and intermittent fasting will dominate the wellness world for a long time to come. The ideas that chronic disease processes can be prevented and reversed, weight can be lost, thyroid-adrenal hormonal balance can be restored, gut health and immunity can be boosted, are enough to convince the most carnivorous eater to give it a try. The buzzword recently has been moringa, an ancient plant found in India, that has been dubbed the world’s most useful tree by scientists. It has a nutrition profile that blows any superfood away. Plant-based nutrition along with intermittent fasting is here to stay.

Telomeres and gut health

These two hot topics in medicine deserve their own categories, but they are too good not to combine. When we talk about optimal aging and longevity, these are it. Telomeres, simplistically put, are protective caps on the end of DNA. Preserving telomere function may not only help with longevity, but evidence may show protection from cancer and other chronic diseases. Almost two decades ago, the Human Genome Project allowed modern medicine to tap into our genetics, by shedding light that genes are responsible to 10-20 percent of our health, and that lifestyle factors are the most influential predictors of our health destiny. And this is where our microbiome comes into play—the trillions of microbes including bacterial gut flora, are as unique to each of us as our fingerprints, and influenced greatly by diet, toxin exposure, medications and lifestyle choices. The gut is termed the “second brain,” and produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter that prevents depression. Autoimmune, cardiovascular, metabolic and neuropsychiatric disease stem from poor gut health.

Hyaluronic acid fillers and dermal microneedling with PRP

Dermal microneedling and the use of hyaluronic acid fillers are the natural ways to stimulate healthy collagen production and preserve radiant and youthful skin without invasive surgery.


Though marijuana may be considered by many to be an illegal drug, it is known to help with everything from anxiety to sleep to inflammation to cancer to optimal aging; it is being infused in foods and skin care. You won’t want to miss out learning more about the wonders of this sacred plant, as it is deemed in ancient Hindu texts.

Yoga and meditation are two ancient disciplines that have their humble origins in India, several thousand years ago. And now they are global trends and the way of life for many. The benefits of yoga pervade mind-body-spirit, and impart the knowledge of self-control, while going hand in hand with meditation. They transcend into the realms of finding inner peace and positivity. Meditation is a great way to escape the immense stressors of the modern day life

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