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Farmers Across the Country are Growing Hemp for CBD Oil

CBD is making headlines all across the country recently. Here is what you need to know to keep up with what is going on around the United States in the most recent news articles.

CBD foods sold in Maine must be made with locally grown hemp 

In Maine, on August 1st, a state law went into effect that created a workaround to a federal ban from using CBD in food and drinks involved in interstate commerce. The new bill allows for the manufacture and sale of CBD that is derived from the hemp plant as long as the “cultivation, manufacture, sale, and consumption” all happen in Maine.

This law also makes it illegal to import CBD food and drink products from another state, making some CBD food makers struggling to find a local source for their products while others were relieved that orders to have CBD removed from retail shelves stopped. It remains uncertain how the new law will affect the local CBD market as a lot of suppliers had previously outsourced to different states due to cost.

Alabama farmers ready to harvest hemp crop

Alabama’s first legal crop of industrial hemp will soon have its first harvest. Farmers experienced at growing crops like cotton and soybeans are excited at the prospect of cashing in on the CBD boom.

Unlike some of the other crops grown here, pests have not been a problem, which is very important as pesticides are not allowed to be used on the hemp plants. Evidently deer do not like to eat hemp either, which is confirmed by the deer prints amongst the plants but no sign of them eating any of the leaves.

August and September will be hectic months for farmers as the first plantings will be maturing and ready for harvesting. All hemp crops must first be tested to ensure that the hemp plant contains no more than 0.3% THC. 

The state’s first legal hemp crop since 1937, Alabama farmers are cautiously optimistic that hemp may one day beat out cotton, which in the past has been Alabama’s best cash crop.

Legal CBD could be a big boost for Florida hemp farmers 

Florida farmers had been growing hemp used in home building, livestock feed, and textiles for hundreds of years, but it was made illegal in the state nearly 100 years ago. Since the Farm Bill was passed, a new “green rush” has been sparked for its use in CBD. Following the federal legislation, Florida lawmakers authorized a statewide hemp program, giving oversight to Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried.

Fried, dubbed the Sunshine State’s cannabis queen, has made significant strides in the field of medical marijuana and has created a position called Director of Cannabis. Holly Bell was appointed to this position in February and told reporters that she expects 3,000 growers to cultivate flowering plants that will be used for CBD production.

There will be a learning curve in the farming hemp for Florida farmers due to a sensitivity to dampness and an overabundance of insects. Bell expects farmers to start off small in five to 35-acre fields to get acclimated to the new crop.

Hemp becomes booming crop for New York farmers 

A bill was approved in June by the New York state legislature that would allow farmers to commercially grow hemp for the production of CBD. This could open up the market for CBD-infused food and drinks, which are banned from being commercially sold across state lines.

Two years ago, the cap was removed on the number of people allowed to grow and process hemp in the state, but it requires a licensee to conduct research on growing or processing techniques and then file a report. Currently, a bill is pending that would allow the state to issue licenses for growing and processing hemp for use in CBD without having to conduct research.

The legislation could usher in new laws and uses surrounding hemp and marijuana crops and farmers and legislators are equally excited. With the potential crop expansion comes the possibility to bring more jobs to the state. Constellation Brands plans to invest $150 million and eventually employ 200 people in the New York town of Kirkwood.

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