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CBD Is Now Being Sold at Major Retailers

According to the cannabis industry analysts at Brightfield Group, the CBD market is projected to grow to $22 billion by the year 2022. And, for the first time, CBD products are now being sold at some of the largest retailers in the United States, which means purchasing these items may become easier than ever before. However, this may bring up some concerns for consumers who are unfamiliar with the differences between products containing only hemp versus those that include CBD. It can also be difficult to know which CBD and hemp products are of high quality and which are not. Before we explain further, let’s discuss who these retailers are and what they’re selling.

Walgreens Now Sells Products Containing CBD

Widely known for providing over-the-counter and prescription medications, Walgreens now also sells CBD products to its consumers. Among the types of CBD items they currently sell are CBD creams, sprays, and patches. Although sales have just begun in a few locations, Walgreens is set to begin selling CBD products in almost 1,500 stores. However, due to varying laws in each state, only stores located in Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, Kentucky, Vermont, Tennessee, South Carolina, Indiana, and Illinois will carry these products.

Select CVS Locations Now Sell CBD-Infused Products

Like Walgreens, CVS has recently announced that they will begin selling CBD products in certain stores, which means you may now be able to  buy hemp CBD products at select locations in Alabama, California, Colorado, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Currently, their product line is limited to CBD topical products and hemp skin care products that may include sprays, creams, and lotions.

Simon Mall Opens CBD Shops

The biggest mall owner in the United States, Simon Property Group, Inc., plans to open more than 100 shops that will sell CBD-infused products to consumers. The mall owner is partnering with Green Growth Brands, a cannabis firm based in Ohio. While sales have already begun in the state of Indiana, the owner of Simon Mall plans to begin selling in Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, Tennessee, and Wisconsin in the coming months.

More Retailers to Sell CBD Products

In the coming months and years, more retailers will likely begin selling hemp-derived products that may also contain CBD. Some additional retail establishments are already beginning to offer some CBD products. Among these companies are DSW Shoes, Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and several others that are all on the fast-track to making CBD-infused products a part of their sales growth in certain states. The focus for many of these retailers will be on beauty products containing CBD, and may include muscle balms, body lotions, and foot creams.

What Does It All Mean?

Although there are many legitimate CBD products derived from hemp that are sold in stores across the country, some hemp-based products marketed by major retailers do not actually contain CBD at all or only contain small amounts of CBD, which is why it’s important to read the label before you buy. But, even when you’re purchasing a product that does contain a significant amount of CBD, it’s important to understand how choosing the right products can have a major impact on the effectiveness. Especially for consumers who are unfamiliar with the various components of hemp and cannabis plants, this can be confusing.


If you’re looking to buy CBD oil for pain relief or to help ease the symptoms of an ongoing medical condition, make sure you read product labels carefully, so you can experience the full benefits of CBD hemp oil. At TerraVida, we want to help you learn all the important facts about CBD and the products that are available on the market today, so you can make an informed decision. We take pride in providing high-quality products, and we make it easy for you to buy CBD online. For more information about the differences in various CBD products or to learn more about how CBD oil can help you, please contact us today.

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