What’s Being Said About CBD And Depression?

It’s likely safe to say that the question of whether or not users of CBD (cannabidiol oil or cannabidiol products) will “get high” has been asked and answered. Since CBD hemp oil derived from cannabis only contains minute traces of THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol the ingredient that delivers the intoxicating effect) the people using these products don’t “get stoned.”

In an ironic twist, there’s ongoing research and studies suggesting the use of CBD products may help those suffering from substance abuse issues and addiction. In addition, it’s also worth recognizing CBD capsules or drops for pain relief may become a realistic alternative to the opioid epidemic that’s currently gripping the globe. Consider the fact WHO (the World Health Organization) deemed hemp CBD oil products to be safe and well-tolerated by both humans and animals. 


What Are The Effects?

While CBD hemp oil isn’t intoxicating like marijuana that does contain THC, users do report a feeling of a calming sensation and seem to experience less anxiety. But doesn’t this seem like it would be counterintuitive when treating depression? Apparently not since recent medical research is revealing CBD consumables and drops are assisting with both anxiety and depression. 

Other positive attributes coming from the use of CBD products include potential relief from those suffering from arthritis and other types of joint and muscle pain. There’s a long list of benefits that users are claiming CBD is proving effective when dealing with:

  • Skin conditions related to aging, acne, dryness, and more
  • High blood pressure, heart, and circulatory conditions
  • Nausea and a loss of appetite for those undergoing cancer treatment
  • Reducing or eliminating the number or severity of seizures for those suffering from epilepsy
  • Neurodegenerative diseases or disorders causing the brain or nerves to degenerate over time

When it comes to dealing with these types of disorders, researchers are also studying the effects of using CBD for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and Parkinson’s disease. The future is looking bright for more positive possible uses for this product.

What Does Research Reveal?

While there’s not a lot of absolute concrete evidence available that reveals without a shadow-of-a-doubt using CBD products will quell depression completely, continuing research is very hopeful and exciting. A recent 2018 review of existing studies concluded that CBD usage had anti-stress benefits which may reduce depression that’s related to stress. 

Another study found that the use of hemp CBD oil revealed the effect on certain brain receptors produced both anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects. Compared to prescription treatments used to treat depression, CBD products don’t deliver side effects that often come from the use of traditional medications such as insomnia, sexual dysfunction, irritability, mood swings, and other issues.


What Are Different Ways To Try CBD Products?

For those new to the using cannabidiol, there are plenty of ways to try hemp CBD oil in many different forms including topical skin care products, along with creams and ointments that many use for helping reduce pain. CBD oil drops will deliver quick results while other edible options including gummies are as easily ingested as a daily vitamin. 

Other choices include, capsules and softgels. These are available in various strengths and include some with Absolutely NO THC. In its liquid form, many people add CBD oil to foods and beverages. When you’re looking to buy CBD online, please contact us today as your primary resource. Our products are all-natural and have been tested by third-party, independent labs to ensure they are as effective and safe as possible.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Never stop taking medications without speaking to your healthcare provider first. Abruptly stopping medicine that has been prescribed by a physician could cause serious side effects. If you do want to stop taking anti-depression medication, you’ll need to work together with your doctor to reduce dosage and usage over a period of time to ensure your overall safety and health.


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