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What is Zilis UltraCell?

One of the best hemp oil products in the market is produced by none other than Zilis LLC, the company making its name as the product leader in the hemp-derived CBD industry. Their ingestible liquid Zilis UltraCell hemp oil is making rounds as the best full spectrum phytocannabinoid rich and water-soluble hemp oil. In fact, it is known across the globe as the gold standard of all Hemp CBD.

Descriptive Information and claimed benefits

In November 2017, Zilis launched their UltraCell as an ingestible CBD hemp oil. Since its launch, the two trademarks of the product have been its bioavailability and absorption. The leading factor that makes the Zilis UltraCell hemp oil the best of the best is the company’s patented UltraCell technology used in the process of converting CBD oil to a water-based form. Unlike other oil based products in the market that only permit 5-15% absorption, their Purzorb process allows for absorption and bioavailability to reach high levels of 99%.  This attribute of the hemp oil has been backed by numerous studies that indicate that Zilis UltraCell provides up to 30x more absorption when compared to typical CBD oil – again this is a claimed benefit. 

As it was earlier mentioned, Zilis UltraCell is a phytocannabinoid-rich full spectrum hemp oil which means that it contains over 400 active compounds that enhance the power of the product. On top of it being a full spectrum CBD hemp oil, the product also contains other powerful flavonoids, terpenes, omega fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that all come together for the overall wellbeing of users.  The combination of all these elements brings forth an entourage effect that enhances the synergistic effect of the hemp oil.

It is good to note that Zilis UltraCell CBD oil is 100% non-psychoactive as it does not contain any levels of THC. The company independently tests all batches of their products to ensure that they contain less than 0.0% THC. However, while the CBD oil does not make you high, it has the tendency to make one feel more relax (“chill”)

Zilis UltraCell comes in two distinctive flavors, berry and lemon flavor that is retailing at $149 per bottle from Zilis Ambassadors.

Latest Zilis LLC Products on the Market

Late last year, Zilis made a move to expand their UltraCell product line by launching their latest innovation: UltraCell Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Topical. The product made its debut on Saturday, September 22nd in Indianapolis during the company’s “Super Saturday” event for their product “ambassadors” (independent distributors).

UltraCell Topical was specifically designed to help alleviate pains and aches through topical application. Aside from the major full spectrum hemp oil found in the product, UltraCell Topical also carries a number of other beneficial extracts that give the blend an extra nudge of power. They include, black pepper oil that has a proven track record of providing spasms and cramps relief; helichrysum oil used to treat cases of inflammation; citronella oil that helps take care of free radical damage in cells; and lastly, ginger root oil commonly used to treat migraines, muscle aches, and any joint discomfort.

When asked why they made the move to create this product, Steven Thompson Zilis founder and CEO mentioned: “Our Ambassadors asked, and we delivered, creating a full spectrum topical hemp CBD oil product with the superior bioavailability they have come to expect from UltraCell. We expect UltraCell Topical to continue to bring value to our customers, and to help our Ambassadors continue to change lives through this dynamic, breakthrough product.”

Thus far, the reaction to UltraCell Topical has been one for the books. In its first day in the market, close to 20,000 jars of UltraCell Topical were sold.  The Chief Medical Officer for Zilis Dr. Derrick DeSilva, Jr., M.D. attributes the success of the product to the growing consumer need for the endless possibilities and benefits contained in the hemp plant. By combining the company’s superior bioavailability and market-leading absorption rates, they were able to create a powerful entourage effect in the UltraCell Topical that gives customers everything want and a little bit more.

As of now, the two-ounce jar UltraCell Topical is only available through Zilis Ambassadors and is retailing at $149.

Other Notable Products in the Zilis LLC Line

Aside from their popular CBD hemp oil, Zilis also has a line of hemp free Ultra Boosters that are at the forefront of Endocannabinoid System (ECS) advancements. The proprietary formulations used are all natural and specifically geared towards increasing the results of their other UltraCell products. Using their latest MimetexTM formulas that are organic plant-based, they have developed the following Ultra Boosters:

UltraIce (Full Spectrum Homeostasis Support) – A dynamic Full Spectrum Homeostasis Support product that is the closest non-hemp product to UltraCell, the Gold Standard in Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. The 30 dose product currently retails at only $94.95.

UltraEdge (Full Spectrum Cognitive Support) – A safe, clean and organic alternative to all the chemical filled energy drinks out there. UltraEdge will give you better energy, better cognitive function all without the crash that other products offer. The 60 dose product currently retails at only $175.95.

UltraDream (Full Spectrum Sleep Support) – A booster that supports something most Americans do not get enough of – SLEEP.  UltraDream supports deep restorative sleep without the “hangover” effect when you wake.  The 30 dose product currently retails at only $64.95 while the full 60 dose bottle retails at only $119.95.

 All in all, it is clear that Zilis LLC is a key contributor to the CBD hemp oil extract industry. There is an evident diversity in their range of products whilst still maintaining the company’s trademark bioavailability and absorption rates.

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