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WebMD is reputable American cooperation which is widely known as a publisher of relevant information and other news especially those pertaining to the well-being and the health of people all across the globe. Many topics are addressed on this website such as those which has to do with habit-forming substances and furthermore this website has established itself as one of the foremost healthcare websites which are frequently visited by millions of people. This initiative was started 22 years ago by Internet entrepreneur Jeff Arnold.


This website is a respected and well-known provider of health information services where a wide variety of content relating to healthcare is regularly uploaded. The website also has a highly effective symptom checklist and it also provides visitors to the website with information on many pharmacies. Visitors will also find information regarding a wide variety of drugs and they will have access to the blogs of many physicians who are providing information on a wide variety of topics. The website also provides people with a safe place to store their personal medical information. This website have received many accreditations from organizations such as the utilization review accreditation commission which has approved the health content, privacy, and security which is provided by the WebMD website.

Services provided by WebMD

The whole idea behind WebMD was to create an organization that would be able to provide health information on the Internet so that it can become accessible to millions of people providing them with viable opportunities to improve their personal wellness. This is why there is detailed information provided by people with extensive knowledge on the subject and we also provide a supportive community and regardless of your specific health problems, you will most likely find current information and reference material which will provide you with a better understanding of your specific problem. WebMD is providing people with a vast source of applicable health information and there are many contributions from people with extensive knowledge on just about every medical problem imaginable.

Like every other successful organization or corporation WebMD relies heavily on competent staff and therefore they employ award-winning professionals with extensive expertise in content creation, in journalism, in a wide range of community services, with experience in medical reviews and those able to provide professional commentaries which can really help to give people an accurate overview of all of those issues about which they may be curious. In order to be able to supply in the needs of the millions of loyal supporters WebMD employees a full-time staff among which is professionals with a wide range of skills and experience in things such as the use of interactive tools, people able to provide health news for public use, people with extensive knowledge about communities and who are able to make use of graphics, animation and also medical imagery. There are also employees who are fully able to create many common reference content databases and who are also able to update and maintain those services. They are also able to arrange live Web events and analyze user experiences in order to ensure that WebMD will always be able to deliver in the specific needs of its supporters.

A community website commitment to excellence

The WebMD initiative is an ambitious endeavor which requires careful planning and managing to ensure that we are providing a service which will continue to be meaningful and helpful to our many supporters. This is exactly why WebMD has many board-certified physicians as well as a team of award-winning journalists and also several well-trained and experienced community moderators all of which is completely dedicated to ensuring that visitors to the WebMD website will be able to benefit optimally from their visit to this dedicated website. We employ many other professionals such as people who are able to do medical illustrations, also experts in areas such as clinical informatics and others highly knowledgeable in things such as medicine and nursing practices.

As a responsible medical services website, the qualifications of all medical professionals are carefully verified and this also includes the editorial professionals and other contributors to our website. We also have a large number of health professionals and other individuals who are employed to edit, review and write the majority off our editorial content and most of the people used by WebMD will have to obtain credential verification by a reputable third-party. All of these things have only one purpose and that is to ensure an unequaled experience for everyone visiting the WebMD website.

A lifelong dedication to excellence in healthcare

The strength behind the WebMD website is the complete and absolute commitment of everyone involved in this initiative to continue to help people to find all of the medical and health-related information, the services and the support which may be needed by each individual in order to ensure the highest possible standard of life. This is not a new commitment because this is exactly the way we operated before the advent of the Internet. Every single person involved with WebMD is completely committed to continue to provide healthcare information of the highest quality and standards and to continue to act with integrity as far as our editorial processes are concerned. Even though our primary focus is always on the provision of credible information, we also know that in order to stimulate a positive flow of energy in people visiting our website it is necessary at times to provide healthcare information which is exciting, engaging and even entertaining since not everything about healthcare is necessarily bad or negative.

As a reputable and professional health information provider we are proud to say that we would always know exactly what is required by our audience and because of that we are mostly able to deliver high-quality content which is able to provide our audience with all the information which they may require at any particular point of time.


Robert N. Brisco is the current CEO of WebMD a company with its headquarters in New York City a company which was founded on 14 June 1996. This company employs more than 1800 people many of whom are indisputable experts in their particular profession.

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