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Vitacost is a well-known and highly reputable online retailer which is providing consumers with a wide range of trusted health and also wellness products.

This company is known for its range of vitamins, health foods and beverages, sports nutrition products, supplements, home and pet health products, CSI beauty solutions, bath and beauty products, diet products, glonaturals, a range of baby products as well as products for kids, sports and fitness essentials, herbs and botanicals and many other highly regarded health products. In order to better accommodate their loyal customers, the company is now selling its products online not only in the US but also across the globe. It has only been trading as Vitacost since 2000 but before that, the company was well known as Nature’s Wealth Company. This reputable provider of health products was initially founded in 1994, the year of Jane March and Colors of night. The headquarters off Vitacost is located in Boca Raton Florida. Since August 15, 2014, this company has been operating as a subsidiary of the Kroger Co.

Product range and primary benefits

During it’s almost 2 decades of operation Vitacost have steadily increased its range of products and one of those very popular products is Coconut oil which is a superior product which is both flavorless and odorless and will therefore not interfere with the flavors of the dishes which you are preparing while still providing all of the benefits normally associated which a high-quality coconut oil.

Another excellent Vitacost product is Bentonite Clay which is a very versatile product which is used by many people, many of whom is using it for brushing teeth or to relieve the discomfort caused by bug bites. There are people using it to wash their faces while others are using it for cleansing toxins or to heal burns.

Another popular product is Chocolate Chips which are perfect for those people with various kinds of food sensitivities because this product soy free, dairy and gluten free and should, therefore, be satisfactory to all the health conscious people out there.

People can also purchase Gluten free flour and in particular, the product is known as Pamela’s gluten-free baking mix which has become extremely popular among people baking regularly. Apparently, the results are something which should be seen to believe and in the reviews, there are many people thanking Pamela.

Many people are purchasing Apple cider vinegar which many found to be excellent for the treatment of illnesses such as colds and flu and some is also using it as a soaking agent for grains which many say is a better option than using water.

Vitacost also has a product known as Real Salt which is an unbleached product which is containing all of the minerals which a person would expect to find in natural salt. This product is healthier than most other salts which are found in retail stores today.

People should also try Liquid Chlorophyll which is a product which helps to keep people regular because of its magnesium content and other unique ingredients which is providing excellent results which is why the product is popular among many people.

Excellent results can be obtained by using the Essential Oils which can be used for a wide variety of things such as for mint chocolate recipes, others use the oil for its eucalyptus content which is the perfect thing for a decongestant chest rub. Others use the product as an important ingredient in homemade disinfectant while others use the lavender as an additive in their homemade hair spray.

Vitacost also has a wide range of high-quality vitamins many of which is excellent energy level boosters and several types are available such as herb blends, organic and whole foods vitamins. These products can be taken with confidence by people with heavy schedules and even by children.

There is also Cacao powder which can be used for instant chocolate drinks which are very tasty and also very healthy. The product is frequently used for a wide variety of recipes and a wide variety of smoothies can also be made with this Cacao powder and it mixes well with mint oil, with honey and also with milk or water. It also provides other benefits such as protein and this powder is full of antioxidants which will help to keep people healthier.

The beauty product range of Vitacost

The ladies and others who are interested in improving their appearance should definitely take a closer look at the beauty products which is available on the Vitacost website. There is the Youthful Trends Primer which people report has the ability to wake up your skin and it does so with a revitalizing cucumber scent. There are also other useful ingredients which have been added for the protection of skin tone and these products are witch hazel and caffeine.

There is also the Everyday Minerals Jojoba Base where the vital ingredient is Jojoba oil which can leave a face with a dewy finish and this product is also available in a variety of tints.

Another superb product is Mineral Fusion Concealer Duo which simply means that when this product is purchased the buyer receives two different shades in one product which allows them additional options when it comes to finding the perfect skin tone. This is an excellent product which will never irritate skin and which has excellent covering abilities.


There are so many products which can be discussed and one of them is Benecos Natural Kajal eyeliner in midnight blue which will be especially useful to those people who may be struggling with sensitive eyes. The product has been reported to have a very nice creamy texture which can be applied very smoothly and for those who are not particular to midnight blue, there are other colors available such as the traditional brown and black.

The CEO and leadership team

A company is only as good as its leadership which should say something about the leadership of Jeffrey J Horowitz who is the current CEO of Vitacost. He is also currently serving on the board of directors of this company where he is helping to create new policies and to ensure that the company stays on track and continues to perform well in a highly competitive industry. According to Michael Coleman the chairman of the board, Jeffrey J Horowitz is the ideal leader to further position the company for long-term profitable growth.




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