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This is a nonprofit academic medical center which has its offices in Rochester, Minnesota. The Mayo Clinic is an organization which is focused on education, research, and integrated clinical practice. More than 4500 physicians and scientists are employed by The Mayo Clinic but there is also another 58,000 people comprising off help staff and administrative professionals. It has been in business since 1989 and the current CEO is Gianrico Farrugia. The company has been founded by William Worrall Mayo and Charles Horace Mayo.


People come to Mayo clinic because this clinic provides people with some of the foremost experts in their particular fields on the entire planet. Another indication of the high regard which this clinic enjoys within the healthcare industry is the fact that it is frequently ranked among the top hospitals in the nation and one such ranking is the one which is run by the US news and world report.

Another aspect of the service provided by Mayo clinic is the fact that absolutely every aspect of your healthcare process is carefully coordinated and entire teams of experts will cooperate to provide patients with the very best care which they may require in order to speed up the recovery process. It has been frequently discovered that treatment processes that might take several months in other institutions are very often accomplished within days at the Mayo Clinic.

Effective healthcare depends critically on obtaining an accurate diagnosis and therefore it is so important to identify the specific problem from which the patient may suffer at that specific time. According to carefully collected data almost 90% of patients who come to Mayo clinic in desperation and often as a last resort’s are those who are coming for a second opinion and many of them receive a more refined diagnosis and in many cases a completely new diagnosis. A faulty diagnosis causes unnecessary pain, waste money and also wastes time and is not conducive to a quality way of life.

Another indication of the high regard in which Mayo clinic is held by patients is the fact that more than 1 million people come to the Mayo clinic annually for professional care and to help them to recover from a wide variety of illnesses. Highly specialized experts are waiting for these patients and regardless of the complexity of the condition or the rarity of the illness, these professionals have the experience, training and the skills to successfully assist the majority of the patients coming to Mayo clinic.

Services provided by Mayo Clinic

A large number of people come to Mayo clinic for bone marrow transplants something in which the specialists at Mayo Clinic have extensive experience. This kind of treatment is used to treat a variety of conditions and in particular various forms of cancer. Both adults and children are accommodated at Mayo clinic and this facility will use the patient’s own cells as well as cells provided by a donor and in some cases, cells coming from an umbilical cord will also be used. At Mayo Clinic, the focus is on patient satisfaction and experience and this is why Comprehensive Care is provided with personalized attention which is both compassionate and comprehensive and the staff and physicians will work together to ensure that sick patients will receive all of the tender loving care which they may require.

Brain aneurysm care is another very necessary service provided at Mayo Clinic where neuroradiologists, neurologist and also neurosurgeons work together in a closely knitted team to provide specialized care for those people suffering from a Brain aneurysm and related problems. The clinic is frequently recommended to patients with a wide variety of brain-related problems because it is well-known that this clinic has the professionals that are able to successfully tend to all of the special needs which patients might have. It has been proven repeatedly that the professionals at Mayo Clinic are often able to accurately diagnose even unique conditions which patients may have and then proceed to develop a highly sophisticated treatment plan which is often successfully implemented within only a couple of days.

Many people already know that Mayo Clinic specialists provide compassionate and specialized care for large numbers of people with breast cancer of which many cases is often advanced. Every single patient who comes to Mayo Clinic with problems relating to breast cancer will find breast cancer specialists who are dedicated to patient care and will also provide patients with personalized expert care which will incorporate all of the latest treatment innovations and also the most sophisticated technologies known to medical science. Breast cancer patients have experienced firsthand the fully integrated practices of Mayo Clinic where a variety of specialists will work seamlessly together and will also meet regularly to discuss individual cases and this often results in treatments and solutions which can turn a hopeless situation into something entirely different.

Heart and lung surgery

One of the vital organs in the human body is the heart without which life as we know it is simply no longer possible. This is why conditions such as those relating to heart valve diseases is another problem which is frequently handled by the highly trained specialists working at Mayo Clinic. Although it cannot be denied that once heart problems has been encountered such a patient will technically be always at risk but nevertheless it is also true that there are medical processes and techniques which can accomplish an extraordinary amount of good and which can help people with heart conditions to live full and happy lives for a lot longer than might have been possible without the timely intervention of the highly trained specialists at Mayo Clinic.


Far too many people are still abusing their bodies and some do so by persisting with the use of tobacco products which can over time do severe damage to the human lungs. Other patients may develop various forms of lung cancer which may require them to have a lung transplant and once again the Mayo Clinic is for many that oasis in the desert, the lighthouse on that barren and dangerous coast. Many successful lung transplants are handled at Mayo Clinic every single year and many of those patients continue to maintain a more than adequate standard of living something which would have been impossible without the timely intervention of the team of specialist at Mayo Clinic.

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