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Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease that results from inflammation and damage to the central nervous system. It affects the brain, the spinal cord and optic nerves causing balance, vision and muscle control and other body problems. Some people have mild problems (such as tingling and numbness) that do not need treatment while others have severe symptoms (such as pain, vision loss and paralysis) and cannot even perform basic daily tasks. MS therefore affects the quality of life for the sufferer and the family.

The cause of MS is unknown but autoimmunity is one of the contributors. There is no cure for MS therefore medical treatment focuses on symptom management and suppression of the autoimmune response. There are too many side-effects that MS patients have to endure quietly. Fortunately, in recent years CBD has become the remedy of interest in the treatment of MS because it is safe, effective and has no side effects.


Many MS sufferers have been finding relief by taking CBD and there are many individuals who can confirm that it is a comprehensive solution. It eases any pain involved and reduces the symptoms without any side effects. How? When CBD enters the body, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system and encourages it to secrete more endocannabinoids. It also interacts with CB2 receptors which manage the whole immune system. As a result, the body is better able to heal and control various functions. That is why many sufferers give it a try.

1. CBD Targets Inflammation

When the immune system attacks nerve fibres, inflammation results. Available anti-inflammatory drugs come with side effects, some mild (e.g. drowsiness) and others as serious as kidney and liver failure. That is why people are now seeking natural remedies for inflammation. Luckily CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory remedy that comes without any side-effects. As a matter of fact, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are the most researched of all its properties. CD is now considered to be the most efficient and most effective anti-inflammatory remedy around and it is known to beat commonly used options such as omega-3s and vitamin C.

In the body, CBD encourages the production of more natural cannabinoids and it interact with CB2 receptors that oversee the immune system. It gets in the way of the immune system’s response, reducing its impact, and that way it reduces inflammation in the body. In the process it relieves some of the symptoms of MS and the patient feels better overall.

2. Can CBD Relieve Symptoms of Depression?

CBD is anti-depressant as it directly targets the endocannabinoid system which significantly manages moods and emotional functions. That is great news for MS sufferers for whom depression is normal. First, allotropic medications may cause severe emotional problems as a side effect. Secondly, the damage to the neural tissue disturbs the neuro-pathways and may affect the moods. Thirdly, how can they stay happy when they are always in pain, they are paralysed, maybe they are almost blind and they just cannot perform normal day to day functions such as bathing themselves, walking and eating? No one really wants to be dependent on others to perform simple daily tasks of living. Living such a life leads to sadness and depression. Sufferers may feel that life is not worth living especially when the pain has reached unbearable proportions.

For MS sufferers to take anti-depressants on top of the other medications that come with harmful side effects is too much, so they are turning to CBD for the relief of depression. It lifts the mood and calms the mind. This is why CBD, a natural anti-depressant, is one of the most popular natural remedies for MS.

3. CBD Eases Pain from Muscle Spasms

MS affects social life as it causes severe bouts of pain and muscle spasms which are uncomfortable and embarrassing. That is why some MS sufferers choose not to leave the house. Muscle spasms also affect sleep, cause more pain and limit mobility making life very difficult. Luckily CBD alleviates pain, it reduces muscle spasms by relaxing muscle fibres and it makes joints more flexible. This helps to improve coordination and it solves other mobility problems. In this case it is a very good remedy for MS sufferers.

4. CBD Alleviates Problems of the Digestive Tract

Most people who have MS tend to have digestive and abdominal discomfort, e.g. many MS patients struggle to control the urge to use the toilet, while others battle with constipation and other digestive issues. These issues make a very uncomfortable life even worse. However, people with these problems can find relief in CBD. By reducing the frequency and severity of your symptoms, CBD makes life more bearable, and eventually more enjoyable.

5. No Psychoactive Effects

CBD gives all the above benefits without causing any side-effects. Also, the CBD that is available on the market contains trace levels of THC or zero-THC, so is will not produce a “high.” Therefore, it is safe for people suffering from MS who can try it in any form such as patches, lotions, topicals, oils, softgels and capsules.

It is advisable to discuss CBD with your medical practitioner because it is a powerful remedy that may interact with other drugs that you may be taking.

One of the Best Natural Remedies for MS

Anyone who suffers from MS may fee that no remedy can ever bring relief until they try CBD. CBD is incredible! It basically brings relief from problems that affect different areas such as moods, emotions, pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and even digestive problems. It does all that without any unpleasant side effects and it does not have any psychoactive effects.

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