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WHAT IS MERCOLA? is basically what is known as an alternative medicine website which has been started by Joseph Michael Mercola in 1998. Dr. Mercola is a trained osteopathic physician and is also a well-known web entrepreneur who has been involved in the marketing of a large number of alternative dietary supplements as well as other medical devices which has been sold through this website. The entire Mercola website is wholly owned by Dr. Joseph Mercola and additional funding is obtained by advertising and by providing a whole range of alternative supplements and other medical products to people visiting the online store.


According to the doctor the more he studied natural medicine the more he was coming to the conclusion that some of the essential keys involving optimal physical health revolve around six basic principles. There are some new tendencies emerging currently with groundbreaking research which is focusing on how the daily habits and the chosen lifestyle of people can have an impact on their mitochondria which is simply the energy factories of your cells. It is by now well known that mitochondria are the firm foundation on which every other process in the body depend such as the beating of your heart and also the electrical pulses taking place in your brain. Naturally, the question which many people is asking is what exactly is the principles which could have a positive influence on the overall health of people and especially on their mitochondria?

Extensive research over many decades accurately indicates that movement, sleep, exercise, sun exposure, environment, diet and nutrition, and emotional well-being are some of the things which can have an impact upon the physical well-being of people. There are some enlightened souls who are considering some of these elements and who are taking certain steps to eliminate their impact on their daily lives. However, according to Dr. Mercola, it is vitally important to consider all six principles in order to ensure an optimally healthy lifestyle. There are so many people living with major health challenges right now who want nothing more than to feel and look better every day. The good news is that when people incorporate the six healthy elements into their personal healthcare programs than it is entirely possible to regain control of their overall health.

What is the six principles?

Far too many people continue to underestimate the tremendous power of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. Nevertheless, ultraviolet B rays are essential for vitamin D production in your body and they can have a substantial impact on your body, your energy levels and also your mitochondrial health. Unfortunately, there are still too many people who do not know enough about what exactly can be considered safe exposure to the sun. Then there are also a group of people who think they are getting enough sun exposure while they really don’t and according to Dr. Mercola, sufficient sun exposure is important for effective brain function.

Another important element of better physical health is diet and nutrition and it is critical to have an effective nutrition plan because this is the first step in taking control of your overall physical health. When this is done correctly it is often possible to prevent weight issues and also insulin resistance which is plaguing so many people today. It is entirely possible to learn how to utilize food correctly so that it will help to boost your mitochondrial health, extend your longevity, boost energy and even minimize people’s exposure to pesticides. One particular substance which is often detected in three out of four US people is glyphosate which can cause many problems in people.

Another important consideration is our environment which contains many invisible toxins which are absorbed through the air which we are breathing. However, those toxins are also in our bath water and in our drinking water and it is spreading through our overpopulated societies through person-to-person contact. Many research projects have been launched in the past which are clearly shown the radiation exposure which we encounter in our daily lives and these things come from smart appliances, cell phones, and computers and they have a negative impact on your mitochondria and also your overall physical health. Fortunately, there are many things today which can be successfully used to eliminate the negative impact of toxins.

Sufficient movement and exercise are so important especially since research shows that most US citizens are sitting down for 10 hours of the day. A very large number of studies have clearly shown that inactivity is a large factor contributing to a wide variety of health-related problems. Even though exercising may not be able to completely eliminate the damage caused by sitting it will nevertheless help to increase body movements during the day.

The modern human being is simply no longer sleeping enough. Research has shown very clearly that people need to sleep sufficiently and regularly because no other thing which a person can do can take the place of proper sleep. One of the body organs most dependent upon sleep is your brain which is relying on that downtime to reset itself while it also requires that time to process all of the many emotions which had been experienced during that day. Many people are under the impression that they can manage with only a few hours of quality sleeping but the truth is that they are misguided and they are causing unnecessary harm to their bodies.


Many people are craving emotional well-being but unfortunately, this is often one of the areas most neglected by millions of people. There is an increasing number of healthcare experts which has now reached consensus on this subject and they are all convinced that emotional well-being is one of the most important contributors to a holistic health style. It is incredibly important that people know how to handle all of their daily stress and this requires them to carefully consider their mental and emotional health which is a vital key in order to allow them to live a life which is full to overflowing with personal happiness and where they will also experience positive and satisfying relationships with those people around them.

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