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What is CBDistillery?

CBDistillery was founded in Colorado with the aim of manufacturing and supplying consumers with CBD products of the highest quality, at the fairest price. With the #CBD Movement# gaining ever more momentum and publicity they realized the importance of providing consumers and skeptics access to educational material, research and testimonials.

The team at CBDistillery is more than just the wholesale and retail suppliers of an exceptional range of on-line products. They are industry experts and thought-leaders willing to break all barriers in their exciting industry. As they strive to achieve their goals they always proceed with respect, compassion and humility and are one of the fastest growing companies of hemp-derived CBD products in the US at the moment.

In their own words: “With every slab we break, we have the opportunity to spread the #CBD Movement#.

At CBDistillery they are thrilled with the long awaited federal recognition of the differentiation between hemp and marijuana with the passing and signing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Hemp is now finally removed from the state list of controlled substances as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

With the new bill:

Hemp growers will now have the same rights to procure loans, qualify for federal and state benefits and to insure their crops.

Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers will be eligible for loans; can seek investors and other services.

The hemp plant and its derivatives will now have free movement across all the state borders of the US.

Most importantly, researchers will finally be able to obtain the funding to continue their studies into the potential of CBD.

CBDistillery stresses that the industry has just received its most important economic boost. It is significant that domestic hemp production will increase, cutting out the need for imported hemp. Manufacturers, investors, researchers and consumers will benefit from an industry expected to reach $22 billion by 2022.

Breaking Barriers

As part of their mission to educate consumers about the safety and effectiveness of CBD oil products, CBDistillery have partnered with the Pettis brothers. Anthony (“Showtime”) is a former Lightweight Champion and Sergio (“The Phenom”) #2 in the UFC Flyweight Division. The brothers have turned to CBD as part of their pre- and post- fighting programs in order to avoid taking potentially damaging anti-inflammatory medication and have both noticed incredible results with zero side effects.  Their testimonials are significant and prove how effective CBD products are to the healing process.

At CBDistillery they are grateful to those who have served the US and offer a 10% discount to veterans and service officials. Qualifying consumers just need to email the correct paperwork to benefit from this offer.

Their Affiliate Program encourages consumers to become part of the #CBDMovement# by sharing their inspirational stories. This way affiliates earn 10% for new customer sales and 5% discount for their followers, with free product giveaways.

CBDistillery already offers an exciting range of products that include topical creams, oils, softgels, gummies and vape pens, CBDistillery continuously develop new products to add to their store.

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