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What is Bluebird Botanicals?

Bluebird Botanicals is a leading manufacturer of high-quality hemp extracts and CBD oil, a pioneer operator in the CBD market.

This prestigious status was achieved thanks to the hard word of the founder Brandon J. Beatty in 2012. Beatty is a well known entrepreneur and hemp/cannabis advocate and from its inception, their expansion in Boulder, Colorado, included facilities and a growing work force of dozens of talented people, each contributing their expertise.

The company has one of the strongest online presences in the industry and has built an excellent reputation. Their aim is to make high quality hemp products easily accessible to all and they manufacture and distribute hemp extract supplements, cannabidiniol, CBD vape oil and much more.

In 2016, they came first in the second annual Cannabist Awards run by a Denver Post journalism company that has become the authoritative voice on cannabis products. The awards are presented in honor of progressive, unique and innovative work that epitomizes the spirit of each category.

With one of the industry’s leading quality control systems, they have two manufacturing facilities and which are both registered with the FDA and are licensed with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. All products are manufactured to the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices and in 2018 they passed a third party audit with a 99% rating. Even though companies are only required to do an internal audit once a year, Bluebird Botanicals strive to maintain the highest quality and safety for their products.

All the CBD products have a full range of 3rd party certificates which are available online for scrutiny by consumers. Separate testing is conducted on all ingredients which include a cannabinoid profile, potential microbial life, mold heavy metals and other contaminants.

Each batch has its own lot number that consumers can find online for verifications.

The new Farm Bill has just been signed, making the transportation of CBD products easier across state lines. Bluebird Botanicals ships to all of the US and to quite a few countries internationally.

Fair and ethical trading is a priority and Bluebird Botanicals maintains strong relationships with their farming partners while maintain a fair pricing structure in order to pass on any savings to the consumer. Employees are an integral part of the company and are all considered to be part of the family and having first-rate benefits, paid leave etc.

Bluebird Botanicals has a presence in many partnerships and alliances where they are advisors, on the board of directors, or members in influential organizations and colleges. Beatty is on the board of directors of the most influential hemp organization in the US, US Hemp Roundtable and through their membership of the Colorado Hemp Roundtable they have played an active role in the state legislation. They have a place on the Aims Community College’s Advisory Board for the new Hemp Program and the Realm of Caring, a non- profit program focused on education and services related to cannabinoids. They are members of both the Hemp Industries Association and the American Herbal Products Association.

Bluebird is dedicated to providing their loyal consumers of their CBD products with wellness, assurance of quality and safety and their company policy includes assistance to people with long-term disabilities, low incomes and veterans by offering discounts on their retail orders.

The concept behind Bluebird Botanicals is for the consumer of CBD oil to own their health in three easy steps to feeling better. Since their founding in 2012, Bluebird Botanicals has been a leader in the industry as far as quality is concerned. The choice of blends depends on the consumer, who can choose the correct one according to their needs and have the products shipped directly to their home. The majority of consumers invariably see a difference right away, for others it can take a little longer, but who can expect to see results within 5 – 10 days.

Bluebird believes in consistency and transparency for every bottle sold. Since quality always comes first at Bluebird, they have a gold standard quality control system. This is ensured by heavily investing into making information available about each ingredient and its sourcing to the consumer. Each bottle leaving their facilities has a batch number, which can be verified against a Certificate of Analysis issued by a 3rd-party laboratory. The certification for each batch is easily accessible online. Testing includes a complete cannabinoid profile, analyses for microbial life, mold, heavy metals, residual solvents and pesticides.

American dietary supplement manufacturers are not required to perform 3rd party manufacturing audits, an annual internal process is compulsory, but at Bluebird they feel that it is essential for the wellness of their loyal clients. Besides adhering to the FDA’s good manufacturing practices, both their facilities are registered with the FDA and are licensed with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Environmentally friendly farmed hemp, specifically bred for its terpene and cannabinoid contents, is grown in partnership with Colorado farmers who ensure that the soils are uncontaminated and that plants start their life in sustainable green houses. Two types of extraction methods are used, the plants are either run through environmentally friendly alcohol or CO2, with some products containing the resultant broad- spectrum concentrate, while others are based on the more refined oils or isolates.

Bluebird products are manufactured with CBD oils extracted from hemp, which is a legal plant and contains low levels of THC. On a dry weight basis, the Cannabis sativa L. plant used has no more than o.3% THC concentration.

Product range:

The Hemp Extract Oil comes in three variants which all have 250+mg of canabinoids per ounce:

Classic – has hemp CBD oil extract and organic hemp seed oil.

Complete – is made with heated cannabinoids plus hemp terpenes.

Signature – is the classic blend and includes frankincense and black seed oil.

The Concentrated CBD Oil also has three variants which have 1,500 + mg cannabinoids per ounce:

Classic 6X – is a hemp extract mixed with organic hemp seed oil.

Complete 6X – is a mix of raw and heated cannabinoids and includes terpenes.

Signature 6X – is the classic blend, mixed with frankincense and black seed oil.

The CBD Capsules contain 15+ mg of CBD full-spectrum hemp extract and hemp seed oil.

The CBD Vape Oil contains 1,000+mg of cannabidiol, per ounce of vape juice.

There is also a CBD Isolate, containing 96% – 99.9% pure isolated cannabidiol.

The THC-Free CBD Oil contains 1500+mg CBD per ounce made from hemp CBD isolate and organic fractioned coconut oil.

There are also two CBD pet products in the range. The Companion Oil contains 250+mg of cannabinoids per ounce and organic hemp seed oil, while the Companion Capsules contain 15+ mg cannabinoids per capsule derived from CBD hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil.

Bluebird encourages a “less is more” attitude when starting out with CBD oil products and that they are not to be taken as a treatment or prevention medication. They should be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle and diet and consumers who suspect that they may be ill, should first consult a medical professional. Serving sizes are of course, a matter of individual preference and consumers each tend to have various amounts or frequencies that suit them best.

Bluebird Botanical s News:

In October 2018, Bluebird Botanicals announced that their facilities were fully good manufacturing (GMP) compliant, audited by Eurofins Scientific, a leading global laboratory testing company. They passed with an excellent score, standing out as one of the only GMP compliant extract companies that also manufacture their own products in the U.S.

According to the founder and CEO of Bluebird, Brandon Beatty, the whole team is proud of passing the audit with a 99% rating, an excellent score for compliance to CFR111cGMP standards, and proves their dedication to quality.

Bluebird, located in Louisville, Colorado, employs 38 people and is currently one of the largest companies in the industry. Besides offering excellent customer service, they are involved in public educational efforts through the likes of the Greener Grass podcast and offer assistance to veterans, the disabled and those on low incomes to have access to high-quality CBD oil products.

The company has also had an active presence at the annual Dataessential’s Foodscape 2 conference which took place in Chicago I September 2018. Katie Thompson, Director of Sales, discussed the intersection and future of the cannabis and food industries in a conference aimed at the new forces that are revolutionizing the way consumers demand tailored experiences in their health and lifestyle habits, especially as far as what they eat and drink is concerned.

Ms. Thompson shared insights about her experience of the food industry and how cannabis will drive a new wave of innovation in the foods and beverage world.

As of December 2018, every product at Bluebird is also certified as Glyphosate (found in certain brands of weed-killers) residue free.

In February 2019, the U.S. Hemp Authority, an industry group responsible for the U.S. Authority Certification Program, established in November 2018, announced its first awards.  The organization is funded by the U.S. Hemp Roundtable and includes hemp industry leaders and organizations like the Hemp Industries Association and the American Herbal Products Association. The awards are given to companies that demonstrate their commitment to providing safe and accurately labeled hemp-derived products.

Bluebird Botanical was the proud recipient of one of the 13 Certifications Seal Friday awards.

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