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Why does Terravida Online use Hemp Vs Marijuana for CBD oil

When people think of CBD products, the first association that comes to mind is usually marijuana. However, at Terravida, our products are produced solely from organic Colorado-grown hemp. Let’s explore the reasons for this, and why we prefer the benefits hemp offers. 

Hemp vs. Marijuana 

There’s a lot of confusion out there about the differences between these two plants. Both hemp and marijuana are members of the Cannabis family, which may have been the earliest cultivated crop in human history. Cannabis was grown for food, oil, and fibers, which were made into things like rope and fabric. Pretty quickly people noticed that some of these plants had psychoactive effects. With humanity’s enthusiasm for altered mental states, people chose those plants to breed to increase those effects. At the same time, other plants were chosen for more practical qualities, such as tall stalks, which provide a greater amount of useful fiber. 

Over time, these two different strains became marijuana and hemp. They’re both cannabis plants, but with one major difference: THC. Marijuana has high levels of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the psychoactive substance that gives people the “high” feeling that comes with marijuana use. Some strains of marijuana have concentrations as high as 30%.  

However, hemp has very little THC — less than 0.3%. Because of this, hemp will not make you feel high. On the other hand, hemp has high amounts of an important cannabinoid complex, known as cannabidiol, or CBD. 

Why CBD may help in ways THC can’t 

Some people consider hemp pretty useless since it contains so little THC. And if your goal is to get high, you’re right. However, scientific research into CBD shows intriguing promise for a wide range of health problems. Here are just a few: 


According to a study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, people with social anxiety disorder who were given CBD had a reduction in anxiety. The researchers attributed this to an increased activity in the limbic and paralimbic activities in the brain.  


Another study looked at CBD and arthritis. CBD showed both anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive actions, blocking the progression of the disease. The researchers concluded that CBD is a potent anti-arthritic therapy. 


The results of research into using CBD to treat epilepsy have been so positive, that the FDA has approved a purified form of it to treat the disorder.  


CBD seems to interfere in the production of several different kinds of cancerous tumors. Scientists are looking into its anti-cancer activity. 

These are just a few of the many potential health benefits of CBD. If you’re interested in more information, here is some reading on CBD and ADHD, skin care, how it can support your anxious pet, and more general information. 

Some people are more interested in THC, either for its psychoactive properties or for different health effects. But our mission is providing CBD for the many ways it supports people’s health and well-being. 

Hemp-derived CBD and the law 

Although CBD can be derived from marijuana, we source ours from organic hemp that was grown here in Colorado. Hemp-derived CBD can be shipped to every state in the U.S. and many other countries. On the other hand, CBD from marijuana is subject to each location’s laws about marijuana. We are here to offer high-quality CBD products to as many people as possible. 

By using hemp as the source of CBD, Terravida Online is able to offer products to more people in more locations. Because we grow our hemp right here in Colorado, using organic methods, we are confident we offer the best quality hemp available. We believe in the benefits of CBD. Hemp is the best way for us to pursue our mission of bringing those benefits to as many people as we can. For more information, please contact us.  

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