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CBD Oil might be the promise of relief so many Fibro sufferers have been waiting for. With pain management being so difficult to handle, the results of recent studies have the three to six million Americans living with the disease hopeful they might have a pain-free existence in their lifetime. 

What is Fibro? 

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome presenting with a vast range of coexisting symptoms, which will be discussed below. A diagnosis of Fibro is dependent upon pain being present in all four quadrants of the body. It must also be daily and be significant enough to impact patient’s daily wellbeing in some form. 

Symptoms present in a remission and flare pattern. During periods of remission there may be little to no symptoms and patients can typically living a normal life. Many of those living with this syndrome find that they cannot work or take care of daily tasks during flares. 


The primary indicator of Fibro may be widespread pain, but there is an extensive list of other symptoms which can go along with this. 

What is unique about Fibromyalgia is that no two people will experience the disorder in the same way. Here are just some of the most commonly associated symptoms of Fibro. 

  •         Tension headaches or migraines
  •         Forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating (this is often called “Fibro Fog”)
  •         Tender points or areas from which pain radiates
  •         Wide range of sleeping difficulties
  •         Anxiety, including panic attacks
  •         Depression
  •         Strange sensations in the arms and legs (burning, numbness, tingling, falling asleep)
  •         Stiffness, which is worse when first waking
  •         Painful cramps during menstruation in women
  •         Digestive issues associated with IBS

What Causes Fibromyalgia? 

Nobody knows what causes Fibro, although there are a few assumptions and known risk factors. These include: 

  •         Genetics
  •         Age
  •         Having an autoimmune disease

Studies on CBD Treatment 

Two different studies were carried out on the effectiveness of CBD oil in the treatment of Fibromyalgia. Both conclusively reported that cannabidiol has a moderate impact on some symptoms for patients. 

Study #1 

The first study was undertaken by GW Pharmaceutical of Montana, United States. The purpose was to see if they could find a link between the endocannabinoid system of mammals and certain unexplained syndromes. In addition to Fibro, this included IBS and migraines. 

Although the company stated more research needed to be done, the conclusion was that chemical and biological patterns suggest that these syndromes are linked with a deficiency of CBD. 

Study #2 

The second study was done in Barcelona, Spain by the Institut de Recerca del Mar. It was specifically carried out by the school’s human pharmacology and neurosciences unit. Their goal was seeing if CBD ingestion would lessen the chief symptoms of Fibro, with an emphasis on pain relief. 

The researchers saw significant reductions in pain, as well as stiffness. Test subjects also stated they felt more relaxed and experienced a higher level of overall wellbeing. 

Further Research 

Although the results of these two studies are not enough on their own to irrefutably state cannabidiol is the miracle treatment for Fibromyalgia patients, it does provide a very hopeful beginning. The hope is that further research will be conducted soon which can help solidify the findings of these two studies. 

Taking CBD For Fibromyalgia 

To help ease symptoms with CBD, Fibro sufferers must orally ingest the compound. Topical treatments do not relieve the muscle pain or stiffness as they would outside of the syndrome. 

Note that inhalants, such as vaping, have been proven to be an effective method of ingestion. Patients can also consider pills, tinctures, or edibles. 

Note that it is highly recommended to purchase CBD products sourced from hemp grown in the US. The plants grown outside of the US are not as reliable nor as thoroughly regulated (for safety reasons). 

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