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Nourishing Winter Skin with CBD Skin Care

Chapped lips. Dry, flaky nose. Dehydrated skin. Chapped hands.

Any of this sound familiar? Unfortunately, though we love cozy indoor living in the winter, the season can wreak havoc on our skin. Because of the biting temperatures, atmospheric dryness, and whipping winds, it can sometimes feel it’s impossible to keep your skin looking its best. We know that dry skin — so common in winter — is more prone to fine lines, wrinkles, and aging.

Luckily, cannabidiol products offer a solution. Using CBD skin care products can be one of your best options to fight back against winter conditions. Hemp oil products have a great reputation for reducing inflammation, providing hydration, and nourishing your winter skin. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Should Hemp CBD Skin Care Be a Part of Your Routine?

Before we get into the perfect routine, and how to find hemp CBD skin care products online, let’s take a deeper look at the science of CBD and skincare:

  • Omega-3’s. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hemp oil is rich in omega-3’s and omega-6’s, which help moisturize and brighten winter skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Chronic inflammation is one of the major sources behind premature aging of the skin, which can hit hard in winter’s harsh conditions. Studies have shown that CBD has massive anti-inflammatory potential, which is a huge benefit when fighting winter skin. In addition, hemp oil contains gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), which is known to act as an anti-inflammatory and stimulate the growth of fresh new skin cells.
  • Moisturizing. In winter, excessive dryness causes wrinkles and fine lines to stand out even more. Fortunately, CBD oil for wrinkles has incredible moisturizing abilities, along with the added benefit of not clogging pores.
  • Fights acne. If your winter skin is prone to breakouts, hemp CBD products can help with that, as well. Studies have shown that CBD oil can slow down “sebocyte proliferation,” which means it prevents the overproduction of oil on the face that can lead to breakouts.

Your Perfect Winter Routine with Hemp CBD Skin Care

Clearly, hemp CBD oil has some incredible benefits for your winter skin. Let’s break down an ideal wintertime skincare routine:

  1. Cleanse

First step of the process? Use a CBD face cleanser in the morning and at night before bed. By cleansing your skin of any contaminants from the harsh winter day, you’ll set yourself up for nourished and rejuvenated skin.

  1. Tone

After your cleanse, use a hemp CBD toner. This helps tighten your pores, adds a layer of hydration, and prepares your skin for smooth application of your other skincare products. A good CBD face toner will leave you feeling radiant and refreshed, waking up that dull winter skin and highlighting a brighter complexion.

  1. Nourish

Next, you want to apply your most nourishing treatments to your skin. If you do this before the moisturizing step, you’ll ensure that all those hemp CBD anti-aging products have a chance to soak right in with nourishing benefits

Adding a CBD anti-aging product to your routine means that you’re not just getting the benefits of hemp: you’re also benefiting from age-defying ingredients like collagen and retinol. Using a powerful anti-aging cream infused with apple stem cells can help regenerate and replenish dry, irritated winter skin.

  1. Eye Cream

The area underneath our eyes can really show the effects of dryness and aging. CBD eye cream can help plump the area around your eyes, helping you look brighter, more awake, and more hydrated — even on the coldest, driest winter day!

  1. Moisturize

Last but not least, moisturizing is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself looking your freshest, prevent fine lines, and keep your skin plump and hydrated. You might want a couple of different varieties of hemp CBD face moisturizer: a CBD face moisturizer with heavy-duty nourishment for nighttime use, and a hemp CBD face cream that revitalizes your skin during the day. Alternately, choose a CBD face cream that works for both night and day use and incorporates hyaluronic acid for its hydrating properties.

Before you leave the house, make sure you protect the rest of your body from the harsh elements. For example, use a hemp CBD tattoo cream to keep your tattoos protected, and don’t forget to nourish your neck and decolletage. A hemp CBD body butter will protect your hands and arms from harsh winter elements.

Protect your Winter Skin with CBD Products

If you’re ready to start protecting and nourishing your winter skin, hemp CBD skin care products are a great place to start. There are plenty of options to find CBD for sale online, but you want to make sure that you choose a source that uses the best-quality CBD products for your skincare needs. If you’re interested in learning more about CBD beauty products, visit our shop or contact us today!

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