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The significance of CBD Content and Concentration

Take a look at the new line of products. Many of these amazing products are Zero THC, meaning that they are made from broad-spectrum CBD with no CBD whatsoever. We have tinctures, softgels, gummies, vape products, and CBD pet tinctures, all verified for content purity and potency by a third-party.

So what is the right CBD concentration for me? Below you will find a good answer to this question, as well as here in this article on CBD dosages.

Note that Terravidaonline is well known and endorsed by CBD experts for producing some of the most potent CBD products in the world – for example this 5000MG product.

Buying CBD can be quite confusing for many people, since there are many products out there with any amount of CBD in them. The numbers on the labels are confusing. What is important is how much product you have purchased, how much CBD is in the product and how much of the product you need to take in order to consume the desired dosage. If you are not a numbers person you may be scared and confused and you want to understand what each number means. We will break down the numbers so that you understand it all.

The Amount of CBD Should be Clearly Indicated in Milligrams

Too many companies infuse their products with little amounts of CBD so that they can profit from consumers who do not know about product quality. A product that contains a lot of CBD will clearly show the CBD content in milligrams. Any product that does not show CBD content in milligrams either contains very little CBD or it may be made from hemp seed oil which does not contain CBD. Avoid such products and look for products made by companies that share third-party test results so that you can verify for yourself the strength of the product. This is what we like about products.

How to Determine the Amount of CBD in a Product

The size of the bottle has nothing to do with the amount of CBD in it. Any large bottle being sold at a low price is suspicious and possibly contains very low levels of CBD. Double check how many milligrams of CBD it contains.

The total quantity of liquid in the bottle is stated in milliliters (ml). CBD tinctures normally come in 15-30ml bottles. You are likely to come across bottles of the same size. When selecting, check whether the tincture is 250mg, 500mg, 1,000mg, 5,000mg, etc. which indicates the concentration of CBD in each bottle.

How Much CBD is in Your Dropper?

Let’s assume you are looking at five 30ml bottles. One bottle has 250mg, and the others have 500mg, 1,000mg, 2,500mg and 5,000mg of CBD tincture. The dropper normally holds 1ml of liquid when it is full. You want to calculate how much CBD is in the dropper for each product.

  • Product A: The dropper holds 250mg ÷ 30 = 8.3mg of CBD
  • Product B: The dropper holds 500mg ÷ 30 = 16.7mg of CBD
  • Product C: The dropper holds 1000mg ÷ 30 = 33.3mg of CBD
  • Product D: The dropper holds 2500mg ÷ 30 = 83.3mg of CBD
  • Product E: The dropper holds 5000mg ÷ 30 = 166.7mg of CBD

CBD dosage is measured in milligrams. Consumers are advised to start with 5-10mg of CBD every 3-4 hours, and then gradually increase till they find what works best for them. While recommendations say we should aim at 30-60mg of CBD per day, you will find that your ideal is different. Assuming your ideal is 50mg per day, then you will take:

  • Product A: 50mg ÷ 8.3mg = 6 full droppers
  • Product B: 50mg ÷ 16.7mg = 3 full droppers
  • Product C: 50mg ÷ 33.3mg = 1.5 droppers
  • Product D: 50mg ÷ 83.3mg = 0.6 droppers
  • Product D: 50mg ÷ 166.7mg = 0.3 droppers

Obviously, it is difficult to use the dropper for products D and E. A different approach is needed.

For a Precise Dosage Use Milligrams per Drop

Using the dropper means that you have to approximate as shown above. To be precise, and to have a consistent dosage, determine how many milligrams of CBD are found in a drop of the tincture.

Let’s assume there are 20 drops in one full dropper or 1ml of the oil, you can then make a calculation using the information above.

  • Product A: 8.3mg of CBD per dropper ÷ 20 drops per ml = 0.42mg/drop
  • Product B: 16.7mg of CBD per dropper ÷ 20 drops per ml = 0.83mg/drop
  • Product C: 33.3mg of CBD per dropper ÷ 20 drops per ml = 1.67mg/drop
  • Product D: 83.3mg of CBD per dropper ÷ 20 drops per ml = 3.8mg/drop
  • Product E: 166.7mg of CBD per dropper ÷ 20 drops per ml = 7.6mg/drop

Now, if your dosage is 40ml per day as above, you will take daily:

  • Product A: 50mg ÷ 0.42mg = 119 drops or
  • Product B: 50mg ÷ 0.83mg = 60 drops or
  • Product C: 50mg ÷ 1.67mg = 30 drops or
  • Product D: 50mg ÷ 3.8mg = 13 drops or
  • Product E: 50mg ÷ 7.6mg = 7.6 drops

You may find that buying a higher concentration is more convenient as you need just a few drops per day.

How Much CBD is in CBD Capsules and Softgels?

Most CBD capsules and gummies clearly indicate how many mg of CBD are contained in each unit. It is easier to plan how many gummies or softgels to eat in a day. These products normally come in 30s or 60s so a packet may last one month or two months depending on your dosage.

If we continue with our 50mg per day example: you will need to take 2x25mg capsules = 50mg per day. For planning purposes, you will need to buy 60 capsules per month.

How Much CBD is in CBD Isolate, Topicals and Vape Products?

In a CBD topical ointment or skin care cream, the total number of milligrams of CBD is shown on the label. If you do not see that number, then the product probably does not contain enough CBD to give you any noticeable results. Avoid any product that does not show how much CBD it contains.


CBD isolate contains 1,000mg of CBD per gram, therefore half a gram of isolate contains 500mg of CBD. A 200mg vape cartridge delivers about 2mg of CBD per puff.

How to Buy High-Quality Products at a Reasonable Price

If you want to know if you are getting good value for your money, determine the cost per mg of CBD as follows: Product cost ÷ number of CBD contained = cost per milligram. Then you can shop around till you find the best product concentration to fit your budget.


We believe that every person deserves the best quality products they can buy. That is why we are happy to sell products at, with Zero THC. You get high-quality products at fair prices.

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