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CBD News Roundup

With the growing popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) products, it is no surprise that CBD is showing up in the news.  We’ve provided a round-up of recent CBD articles below.  If these articles spark your interest in learning more about CBD products, explore the wide variety of products available from TerraVida, including CBD oils, soft gels, capsules, and topicals.

CBD Epilepsy Drug Trial Gets Extension

University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) has announced results from a clinical trial of a new marijuana-derived drug, oral CBD, meant to treat seizures in children.  The trial involved ten minor patients who were given oral CBD derived from marijuana grown at the University of Mississippi.  The initial results of the trial have shown positive results, increasing the happiness of all participants.  Based on these positive results, the trial has been extended an additional year.

Police Drug Test Differentiates Pot from CBD

Given the rise in use of CBD products to treat health issues, police are now struggling to tell the difference between legal products and marijuana.  The problem is that the most popular police field tests are designed to detect cannabinoids, which would include both legal hemp products and marijuana. There is good news on this front.  Forensic chemists in Switzerland have developed a test that could help.  Virginia is evaluating the test to see whether it is a workable replacement for drug field kits. 

CBD Oil Production in Kentucky and Indiana

CBD oil production sites are in the works for Jeffersonville, Indiana and Danville, Kentucky.  As noted in this article, CBD hemp oil can provide health benefits and is also used in antiaging, skin care, and beauty products.  Given this range of uses, demand for the oil is rising. 

In Indiana, 6,000-acre River Ridge Commerce Center is looking for a hemp manufacturer to fill the space.  Layn USA, a subsidiary of the Chinese company Guilin Layn Corp., has signed a purchase and sales agreement to explore constructing a CBD manufacturing facility.  A facility of this size could process 5,000 tons of hemp annually.

In Kentucky, it has been announced that International Farmaceutical Extracts, which specializes in CBD oil extraction and distillation, plans to build an 11,750 square foot manufacturing plant in Danville.  The plant could produce 5,000 pounds of CBD oil per day.

Flying with CBD

This recent article has provided some helpful tips to consider when flying with CBD.  The TSA updated its medical marijuana policy in May 2019 to include specifics on flying with CBD, given the removal of hemp-derived CBD from the U.S. government’s Controlled Substances Act.  According to the new guides, in order to bring CBD through security at airports, it must contain less than .3% THC or be approved by the FDA.  Currently the only hemp-derived CBD product approved by the FDA is Epidiolex which is used for pediatric epilepsy.

Unfortunately, travelers that are found with CBD products that do not fall in the guidelines are still at the whim of the TSA agents given that products containing more than .3% THC may be legally considered marijuana.

Prominent Speakers at Denver Hemp and CBD Conference

The American Herbal Products Association will be holding its first Hemp-CBD Supplement Congress in Denver in August which has a great line-up of speakers.  Colorado Governor Jared Polis is slated to speak, as is William Richmond, the USDA hemp program’s chief of operations.  The panel will also feature a high-ranking FDA representative.  The conference will take place August 15-16 at Denver’s Crowne Plaza.

If you have any questions about CBD or are interested in CBD products, contact us today! We are always happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. And rest assured that all of our CBD products are 3rd Party Lab Tested and results are always available to you.

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