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Celebrities Cash In On CBD

What do Jimmy Buffet, Mike Tyson, and Patrick Stewart all have in common? They are all passionate about CBD, hemp oil, and the cannabis industry. It is gaining steam by the day, and top celebrities are some of the first to get in on the potential of cannabis and the extracted CBD oil. Celebrities and cannabis companies are the perfect couple. Celebrities investors offer young companies name recognition and an influx of cash. In turn, they have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a booming industry. Here are some of the rich and famous who are investing heavily in the cannabis industry and the CBD trend.

Jimmy Buffet

Parrotheads aren’t the only ones who will be standing in line for Jimmy Buffet’s new Coral Reefer line. His selection of cannabis products include edibles, vapes, lotions, and other health and wellness products that also utilize CBD oil. The line intends to help customers relieve pain symptoms, improve mood, and aid in recovery from chemotherapy. The brand will find a home among Buffet’s many other business ventures, including restaurants, casinos, hotels, and retirement communities.

Patrick Stewart

Most famous for playing Captain Picard on Star Trek – The Next Generation and Professor X in The X Men, Patrick Stewart is also an enthusiastic supporter. He has invested in Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies, a research company that is looking for treatments for a range of health issues. Stewart became interested because he has used medical cannabis for arthritis for many years. He is also a board member. The company hopes to develop treatments for Parkinson’s, MS, cancer, inflammatory diseases, and pain management that may well include the cannabinoid, CBD.

Gwyneth Paltrow

This famous actress has a lifestyle brand with a variety of products called Goop. Paltrow is launching a partnership with MedMen, a dispensary chain with stores in California, Nevada, and New York. They will be featuring each other’s products in each of their locations, and a Goop wall, sure to include CBD products is featured at MedMen’s new boutique in Venice. MedMen is the largest cannabis company in the United States.

Francis Ford Coppola

The legendary Hollywood director is adding a cannabis element to his already successful California wine company. He is offering a high-end group of products that includes cannabis flower strains and limited edition packaging. The company, called The Grower’s Series, focuses on two California trends, marketing based on the state’s micro-climates and sustainable farming.

Tommy Chong

Well known for his smoke soaked adventures in the 70’s with his counterpart, Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong is an ideal spokesperson for the cannabis culture. He has recently launched a line of medicinal cannabis products called Chong’s Choice Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. The company is based out of Colorado.

Mike Tyson

The Mojave Desert now boasts a 40-acre resort and cannabis farm called Tyson Ranch. Former heavyweight champion will grow cannabis and offer “glamping” opportunities, an edibles factory, and an amphitheater. The focus is on medicinal cannabis products. The plan for his cannabis empire also includes an extraction facility, supply store, and a Tyson Cultivation School to teach new growers.

Snoop Dogg

One of the first celebrities to fully embrace cannabis, Snoop Dog now has a line of products called “Leafs By Snoop” that include a high CBD oil option. Edibles in the line include gummies, peanut butter candy, cannabis drops, and chocolate bars. The Colorado-based company will also sell concentrates and flowers.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi & Maya are a line of products that are made especially to help women with menstrual discomfort. There is a topical rub for cramps and other pain problems, a relaxing tincture, and bath soak crystals. Goldberg has taken the leap into the medical cannabis industry and her health solutions can be found in retail stores in California and Colorado.


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