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There has been quite a bit of talk, lately, about the benefits of CBD for people who suffer from seizures. Clinical trials indicate some promise for a treatment with fewer side effects and for types of seizure that are resistant to other seizure medications. Here are the facts. 

One Little Girl 

In 2013, reports started to circulate about six-year-old Charlotte Figi who had been rescued from nearly fatal seizures with the use of CBD oil. Until her parents started giving her CBD, she had nearly 300 seizures a week. She couldn’t talk, walk or eat. Conventional treatments had been all but useless in improving her situation. Once her parents began giving her CBD, her seizures were reduced to only a few a month and she made an almost complete recovery. And so began the frenzy of desperate people who either suffered from seizures or had loved ones who did, all seeking a cure. Many people reported similar results. 

Conventional Seizure Medications 

Conventional seizure medications fail as much as one-third of the time. This is due to two causes: either the drug was simply ineffective for those patients or the side effects were so severe that the patient could not continue. As news spread that many people were seeing benefits from using CBD oil products, the scientific and medical community began doing research and conducting trials. 

A New Seizure Medication 

Recently, a British drug company developed a drug made from cannabis extract which has caused a reduction in symptoms of people who suffer from two rare forms of epilepsy. Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes have, until now, been notoriously resistant to drug treatments. New clinical trials with the British drug, Epidiolex have been promising. While many in the scientific community see CBD oil as simply a fad cure-all, the use of CBD oil to treat epilepsy is actually gaining ground. 

Using CBD on Children 

One of the big concerns about giving CBD to children (and adults) are the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Nobody wants to get their child high. CBD, however, is not the same as THC. THC is the compound in cannabis that results in the sensation of being “high.” A good quality CBD oil does not contain THC or contains such negligible amounts as to be nearly nonexistent. 

CBD health and wellness products, in many cases, can be used as a dietary supplement. Many people consider CBD oil to be safer for children than conventional medicines because the likelihood of side effects is smaller with dietary supplements than with conventional medicine. 

For families with children who are experiencing debilitating seizures, CBD oil can be life changing. Children who suffered multiple seizures daily were given their lives back. When cannabis was less widely available, some families would move to different states in order to be able to get a treatment that actually worked for their child when all others had failed. 

Should You Give CBD to Your Child? 

Anything that can offer such dramatic effects, even if only for a few people, is certainly worth considering. While side effects are possible with any substance, CBD oil is less likely to have harmful side effects than most medications on the market. It is known to interact with certain medications, however. If you are considering giving CBD oil to your child, consult your physician first to make sure it will not react with other medications he may be taking. 

If you are the parent of a child who suffers from seizures, watching your child suffer can be heartbreaking. CBD oil shows some promise of offering relief. Indeed, there are families who have stories of miraculous recovery. There are is also scientific research to offer hope for people who experience seizures that do not respond to other conventional treatments. If you are looking for an alternative to drug treatments, CBD may be worth a try. Just make sure to get your CBD products from a reliable source such as  TerraVida Online. 

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