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CBD news roundup: 6 things you should know

Staying up to date with industry news, CBD research findings and related developments is our passion. We do not simply sell some of the best CBD in the world, but stay at the forefront of our industry. Below are 6 key takeaways from recent developments:

WHO weighed in on CBD: The world health organization released information on CBD cannabidiol. This is highly relevant and comes at a critical time when research needs to speed up to really uncover the benefits VS risk rewards. It is also important as early indications are that this is a major weapon against the opioid crisis, which have battered the US in several world rankings, including life expectancy.

More CBD companies: Although there are only a handful of producers who focus on CBD isolate and farming activities, for example Industrial Hemp Partners (IHP), many more CBD brands exist and continue to launch. We produced a list of more interesting companies to watch.

CBD and your sleep: Insomnia affects millions of people worldwide. CBD has become so popular in treating sleep disorders in recent years, that we produced an authoritative resource explaining more details on the science of better sleep.

Managing stress with CBD – your immune system: There are healthy and unhealthy stress. Various factors in your life will dictate stress levels, although genetic factors and learned behavior comes to play. The brain and the nervous system is so complex, with so many forms of stress management that interact with our body in various ways. This article really helps people to make sense of stress, CBD and better living. In the same series, we also discussed stress and autoimmune diseases, which is a key building block towards better knowledge on this subject.


CBD products for pets (cats and dogs): Terravidaonline is a leader also in CBD products for pets. This article seeks to explain what the various pet brands produce around the world, what the most popular pet products are – and how CBD can benefit pets with a variety of ailments.

CBD research: We belief that the best CBD products in the world should participate in sharing research findings. This is to help educate the public on the knowledge available on cannabidiol. The most conclusive guide on academic research for CBD can be found here.


While you are here: remember to read our mental health and psychology news update here:. It is full of interesting, breaking news!

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