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Better Know Your Hemp: CBD Hemp oil vs Hemp Seed Oil

The sheer variety of cannabis-related products can be pretty astounding at times. There are so many different oils, edibles, health products, and other gimmicks all vying for attention. It’s understandable that some of these items can be difficult to differentiate between one another, but there are some significant differences worth recognizing. Hemp seed oil and CBD hemp oil may sound similar, but their effects and uses are quite different from one another.

What’s the Difference?

The specific difference between CBD oil and Hemp seed oil is in where they’re derived from. As the name implies, Hemp Seed oil comes exclusively from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. CBD oil, on the other hand, is derived from the stalks, seeds, and buds of the plant. This makes a big difference, because there are a lot of other compounds and nutrients found throughout the plant than in the seeds alone.

Depending on what you’re looking to get out of your experience with these products, one or the other might be more appropriate. While they’re essentially derived from the same plant, these two oils are suited to entirely different uses.

CBD Hemp Oil

As you might expect, the primary component of CBD hemp oil is an endocannabinoid compound known as CBD. Depending on the kind of CBD oil you get, it may also contain additional compounds and nutrients and of course it contains hemp seed oil. Remember CBD is derived from the ENTIRE plant including the seeds. Standard CBD isolate oils are about 99% CBD, while full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils contain a degree of the other stuff found in hemp plants.

For those looking for psychological benefits such as reduced stress and anxiety, better moods, alleviation of depression, and other mental or emotional improvements, then CBD oil is probably the product you’re looking for. It’s been linked to improvements in a variety of conditions and has even shown promising in treating neuropathic pain and other physical ailments. People who take CBD regularly are usually looking for alternatives to industrial pharmaceuticals or simply looking for ways to improve their quality of life.

Hemp Seed Oil

Essentially, the value of hemp seed oil comes from all the nutrients it contains. While it may hold trace amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids like THC, it doesn’t really contain enough to have a significant impact on your body. It’s most commonly used as a nutritional supplement in food products. It can also be quite useful in beauty products such as shampoos and conditioners, as well as a variety of everyday items like paints and plastics.

As a source of nutrition, Hemp seed oil is said to contain nearly every essential amino and fatty acid. It also has a particularly high Vitamin E profile. Since it has a relatively low saturated fat content compared to other oils, it’s commonly used for a variety of food products. Hemp seed milk, granola, and salad dressings are just a few things in which it can be used. For beauty products, it works well for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing qualities.

Better Know Your Hemp

Understanding the difference between different hemp products is important for getting the most out of them. Too often, people fail to attain the results they want simply because they’ve purchased the wrong product. When it comes to CBD and hemp oil, the right selection can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking for therapeutic improvements or a good source of nutrition, it pays to know your hemp.


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