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CBD Cannabidiol Industry News: Sagely Naturals and Pure Hemp Botanicals

Today we’re going to discuss Sagely Naturals and Pure Hemp Botanicals in CBD industry news. A reminder of why it is important to zoom into great companies who make a contribution to the industry: The law changed and many key players in CBD will likely see positive company results.

Here is what changed: The final days of 2018 ended on a positive note for the CBD industry when President Trump finally signed the New Farm Bill that legalizes the production of hemp. This is wonderful news for farmers who were not able to join the experimental farming which was allowed by the previous bill. The hemp growers will be entitled to benefit from subsidies and will qualify for loans and insurance, previously denied to them. CBD manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers will now also be able to seek financing and new investors for their businesses, while it will also no longer be illegal to move plants and products across state lines.

A positive step in this move is that those who have seen the industry in a negative light can be reassured that it is not a dangerous product. With more resources available to manufacturers we will see needed research into the uses of this natural plant and its oils and it is believed that more than 25.000 natural products can be derived from a plant that causes no harmful environmental impact when cultivated. Worldwide it is estimated to grow to $22 billion annually by 2022.

Besides its medicinal and herbal properties, there has been a keen interest from food and beverage who are looking to include CBD into health products and we have seen CBD included in beauty products and pet supplements. Fabrics and building materials are also exciting areas of the industry.

Many investment opportunities are becoming available with many active companies in the field seeing an increase in their stock prices. We are also likely to see many new partnerships as product development taking off.

Now let’s explore these two exciting companies that have managed to spring up through the tougher previous years of the CBD industry:


Sagely was born from a need to offer people a better quality of life.  Kaley and Kerrigan, the founding team, are both strong believers in the natural healing powers of CBD. Their mission is to get people back to doing what they love most, their moms included!

They are based in Santa Monica, California and have established state of the art facilities, where they employ Phd chemists and use only the purest, premium hemp grown only in the US for all their products. All other natural ingredients and essential oils incorporated into their products are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, dyes and sulfates.

Sagely strictly sources only organic, non GMO CBD that is grown only outdoors. This facility adheres to strict standards, with cutting edge technology and is staffed with a credible team, supplying an extraction of superb quality that is triple tested for every batch.

Production is carried out in GMP Certified facilities that run in strict accordance with standard operating procedures and regular quality controls. Besides having a online store for consumers, Sagely also sells wholesale.

Their products are divided into two groups:

The Relief and Recovery range consists of a cream and spray (both containing cooling menthol), capsules (with added turmeric) and a headache roll -on (with peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus). These products offer relief for stressed and fatigued muscles, inflammation and discomfort and temporary, mild headaches.

The Tranquility range has a cream (with lavender and bergamot), capsules (with Ashwagandha, magnolia bark and lavender) and a roll-on treatment (with lavender, bergamot and chamomile). These are all specifically created to promote a balanced mood, dispelling feelings of mild stress and they all promote relaxation and tranquility allowing the body to have a sense of wakeful calm.

The various formulations are designed for easy use and offer the consumer a choice as to which product best suits their needs and lifestyle.

All the capsules are formulated for super absorption for fast relief from symptoms.

Pure Health Botanicals

The skilled team behind Pure Health Botanicals is lead by Alex Seleznov and have all become family through their shared business philosophy of respect for diversity and human dignity, thus encouraging a service ethic by putting compassion above profit, communication above productivity.

This respect is practiced throughout the growing, manufacturing and distribution process with ethical, eco-friendly business practices that respect the planet and all its inhabitants. All other ingredients used in the manufacturing process have to pass cruelty-free regulations and only plant –based ingredients are used, making the final product completely vegan. Each of their business partners follows the same ethics.

Every product is made from 100% industrial organic hemp, grown in Colorado without herbicides and pesticides. They are non psychoactive and contain less than 0.3% THC, while they all pass rigorous testing and carry certification.

Every product is made from 100% industrial organic hemp, grown in Colorado without herbicides and pesticides. They are non psychoactive and contain less than 0.3% THC, while they all pass rigorous testing and carry certification.

With a full range of products that cover all individual needs, Pure Hemp Botanicals is also paving the way with an exciting subscription program, offering regular shoppers a 25% discount and the ease of having a once off order repeated monthly.

The range includes:


 Pure Hemp Botanicals tinctures are convenient for quick enjoyment and have a fast absorbing formula and come in varying strengths for precise dosing. They are carefully formulated from refined organic hemp oil and have a smooth hemp flavor.

Pure Hemp Extract Tincture is created by infusing organic hemp seed oil with a full spectrum hemp extract and offers a wider array of natural cannabinoids and plant terpenes.

All the tinctures are available in 750mg, 1500mg and 3000mg strengths.

Capsules and Softgels

Convenient and discreet is the best way to describe both these products. The capsules are flavorless and easy to swallow and the vegetarian softgels have organic coconut oil as the extract carrier and the gel is derived from red seaweed.

Other interesting products in the range include: a full line of vape products, small sweets for dissolving slowly under the tongue in three flavors, six deliciously blended, and caffeine- free tea flavors with at least 30% hemp in each teabag, dissolvable and pure CBD Crystals for mixing into food and drinks and a CBD lip balm.


Pure Hemp Botanicals helps alleviate suffering and helps to heal the planet by donating a percentage of every purchase to charities that share the same compassion in local and global communities. They ask that we all join hands and help make the world a better place one hemp plant at a time.

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