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CBD Cannabidiol Industry News: Bluebird Botanicals + Elixinol

Two exciting companies to watch in CBD manufacturing and development are Bluebird Botanicals and Elixinol as they strive to present the best quality products to their consumers. As ethical contributors towards the greater CBD industry, they are well worth watching. Let’s explore the details:

Bluebird Botanical started out in 2012 with the philosophy that their strict sourcing and business practices would leave a minimal impact on the environment, while providing products of the highest quality.

They have partnered with Colorado farmers who grow hemp plants in pristine soils and sustainable greenhouses. Depending on the product to be made, extraction is achieved with environmentally friendly alcohol or by using the CO2 extraction method. That is because some products require broad spectrum concentrate; others use refined oils and some need isolates.

Each product is produced in accordance to Current Good Manufacturing Practices and each batch is tested through independent third party labs. All the certifications are available online for viewing.

Their products:

Hemp Extract Oil:These come in three variants – Hemp Classic CBD Oil 250+mg Hemp CBD oil extract& organic hemp seed oil), Hemp Complete 250+ mg (raw & heated cannabidinoids and hemp terpenes), Hemp Signature+250 mg (cannabinoids from hemp, frankincense7black cumin seed oil).

Concentrated CBD Oil:These are the same oils as the above, but are 6x the strength at 1500+mg each.

Hemp CBD Capsules:consist of full-spectrum hemp extract & hemp seed oil.

CBD Isolate:These come in two package sizes of 1gram or 100 grams. The isolate offers 96% – 99.9% pure isolated cannabidiol crystals.

CBD Vape Oil 1000+:The vape oil is available in the same variants as the Hemp Extract Oil and Concentrated CBD Oil – Classic, Complete and Signature

CBD Pet Products: Companion Oil 250mg+ and Companion Capsules 15mgare there to meet the needs of all your pets.

Hemp clothing: 60% natural hemp is combined with 40% natural cotton to bring you a t-shirt that breathes.

Blubird Botanicals is a 2016 award winning company that has played an active role in the industry and support various non-profit organizations. They offer special discounts to veterans, the disabled and those with a low income.

Elixinolis committed to growing into a global supplier of high quality cannibinoid products. Their vision is to educate, inspire and empower people everywhere to live naturally healthy lives.

Their commitment to excellence is shared by all their employees and each one has the ability grow both personally and professionally within the company. They work together with industrial hemp farmers in Europe, the US and Australia to source the finest hemp that is organically grown and naturally processed. The hemp seed is a superior source of essential fatty acids and Paul Benhaim, the founder of Exinol was the founder of the world’s most famous hemp snack ‘9 bar’.

Every product is researched and developed under strict lab conditions following all the laid out specifications within the industry and mirror the same testing done in the pharmaceutical industry. No product is ever marketed unless it meets the highest standards and every batch of each product is consistent with previous batches and carries certification

Medical professionals are consulted so that all products are safe to use and give the consumer value for money. All the products are non toxic and the same goes for all the flavoring ingredients which are used.

All orders for Exinol products can be efficiently distributed to all corners of the earth as the company has built a strong distribution channel of reliable partners.

Here is a comprehensive list of Exinol Products:

Capsules: CBD Hemp Oil Capsules in 900mg and 450mgare a convenient way to get the exact dose at the needed time. They do not aggravate an inflamed digestive system and contain all the synergistic cannabinoids.

Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures: Respira Hemp Oil 300mg or 600mgin Natural and Grape Mint Flavor are advanced, versatile, multi-use products with a full spectrum of cannabidiol. CBD Tincture-Hemp Oil Drops in 300mg or 3600mg CBD and Extrato Rico Em CBD Canabidiol-500mg (available only in Brazil) are all available in dropper bottles for easy administration. These CBD tinctures are pure CBD extracts suspended in coconut oil.  They are available in natural and Cinnamint flavors.

Hemp CBD Liposomes: Hemp Oil Liposomes- Citrus Twist comes out in two strengths – 300mmg and 1000mg. They are designed for faster absorption of the hemp oil as liposomes are carriers of hemp oil. The oil can be mixed in water or taken under the tongue for faster relief.

Sativa Hemp Skincare offers a sustainable range of boutique quality products: Hemp Lip Balm, Hemp Moisturizer, Hemp Cleanser, Hemp Serum, Hemp Deodorant, Hemp Hand Cream, Hemp Body Wash, Hemp Hair Shampoo and Hemp Conditioner – all made from 100% organic hemp.

Application Pen: X-Pen 100mg of CBD Hemp Extract: This pen delivers the exact amount of CBD for you, the liquid is shielded from light to prolong freshness, has a secure twist lock and comes with a removable, washable tip in case of multiple users.

CBD Pet Treats: CBD Dog Treats- Hemp Oil Edibites are specially formulated dog treats and also come out in large breed packs. Their interesting flavors will intrigue your furry friends: Peanut Butter & Banana or Blueberry & Cranberry

CBD Topical Balms: CBD Hemp Balm and CBD Lip Balm help to protect and rejuvenate dry and chapped skin.

Whole food hemp: Hemp Protein Powder and Hemps Seeds are sourced from Canadian and European, organically grown hemp. They are the perfect products for those wanting to maintain a healthy eating plan and can form an important part of most dietary regimes.

Exinol has a money back guarantee for all its products, reflecting their commitment to always maintaining their high standards. Exinol donates 5% portion of all proceeds to a charity chosen by each individual consumer.

Why are these two companies of significance right now?

It all has to do with the new Farm Bill that will position American CBD companies as leaders in the world.

The news of the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill by President Trump brought great elation throughout the CBD industry in the US. This giant stride comes after the first tentative step had been taken by the previous Farm Bill, which only allowed small scale, extremely regulated, experimental farming.

Hemp and its derivatives have now been legalized across all the states in the US, removing the confusion that existed previously. Hemp farmers will now be able to enjoy all the protection that other farmers have enjoyed in the previous decades. These include crop insurance in the event of a natural or man- made disaster, qualifying for benefits and financing. Hemp is one of the few cultivars that do not strain the environment as it needs no pesticides or fertilizers and very little water.

Both growers and manufacturers will now be able to move their products across US state borders legally. This had previously presented a difficult hurdle when each state had different legislation concerning the use and movement of hemp plants and CBD products.

The removal of hemp from the prohibited substance list has changed previous views of the product held by many who didn’t understand its benefits and believed that it was a drug that induced psychoactive changes or a “high”.

Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers are also rejoicing at these developments. They have also had great difficulties in obtaining finance, doing banking transactions and in attracting investors. There is a whole world of opportunities opening up for many businesses minded people and many see the chance to invest in this industry that is expected to have a global income of $22 billion in a few years time.

The fastest growing area for investments is the on-line wholesale and retail market as it knows no boundaries and has a global reach. Many US companies are offering affiliates the opportunity to take the products to new markets.

Marketing is one of the best ways to achieve a better consumer understanding of the benefits of the products and plenty of opportunities have opened up for marketing professionals to tap into the CBD market.

CBD is indicated for many uses and these include medicinal and for its nutritional value. Consumer education is imperative in order for them to been able to choose the correct product and to reap its benefits. This education to the consumer usually comes from the manufacturers of the products who have informative sites and are continuously seeking innovative and effective ways to include CBD into a healthy lifestyle.

These developers of new products have a great need for scientists to play a more active role now that there are no restrictions. They will be the ones responsible to prove the capabilities of CBD through research and its findings. Most of this knowledge has been around for millennia but forgotten by most in recent years.

The food and beverage industry has looked on with great excitement at all these developments. They are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to seek ways of incorporating CBD into some of their products. Unfortunately, at the moment the FDA has reiterated that it is still illegal to add it to food, but have added that due to the “substantial public and Congressional interest” will lead to them reviewing the matter in the near future. The safety of the consumer, we all agree, does always come first.

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