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Cannabidiol Industry News: Endoca and Purespectrum

Today, in CBD industry news, we discuss Endoca and Purespectrum, which are both great industry leaders who contributed significantly towards a better world – hence worthy of our attention. The hemp industry is certainly going to be taking huge steps forwards and big thinking farmers, entrepreneurs, marketers, investors and scientists will most certainly be grabbing the opportunities opening up within the marketplace.

Visionary leaders who have been involved in the industry for some years now have focused on bringing some of purest and most natural quality products to the consumer.

These two companies have striven toward providing consumers with high quality products.


The founder of Endoca has spent a decade in seeking ways to offer natural solutions to health problems. His challenge started in Africa, where he saw AIDS patients suffering from the side effects caused by prescribed medication and soon realized that cannabis and correct nutrition were the answer to alleviating these. On returning to Denmark, he continued to research these findings and opened a clinic to provide patients with natural medicinal solutions that could be used in combination with regular medication. Endoca started out from the positive testimonies of his clients and through his continued belief in the possibilities that hemp had to offer.

Having persistence, he ignored the stigma attached to the business. Today Endorca cultivates hemp on 2000 acres of organic land, have built a factory that complies with pharmaceutical standards and offers employment to 100 individuals.

All Endoca products are organic, GMO and Pesticide free and their aim is to get more farmers to make the ecological changes that will resolve some of the global pollution issues. The Endoca Foundation was founded to carry out the all the social projects that the company is involved in and includes a hardship fund for parents.

The product range at Endoca is varied and their site is educational as it provides the consumer with information about which formulations offer the best relief and fastest absorption time for their indicated need.

Their products contain no preservatives or artificial colors and are vegan, gluten free and non GMO and meet the following needs:

Repair (Strong CBD Concentration) : 1500mg Raw Hemp Oil Drops, 1500mg Raw Hemp Oil Capsules of CBD + CBDa, 1500mg Hemp Oil Drops CBD (15%) and Hemp Oil Total Capsules 1500mg CBD.

Healthy Living (Medium CBD Concentration): 300mg Raw Hemp Oil Drops (3%), 300mg Raw Hemp Oil Capsules of CBD+ CBDa, 300mg Hemp Oil Drops CBD (3%) and Capsules Hemp Oil Total 300mg CBD

Suppositories: 500mg CBD Suppositories as part of the repair range. These can be used rectally and vaginally.

Skin Care (So pure that you can eat it):  Hemp Salve (750mg CBD), Hemp Whipped Body Butter (1500mg CBD) and CBD Lips + Skin 20mg

Pure CBD (99% CBD Concentration): This versatile product can be used for vaping, dabbing and for use in edibles and offers fast absorption when vaporized.

At Endoca they stress the need for balance. The hemp plant offers a unique combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids and nutrients that can work together to benefit our bodies as we eat, sleep and relax.

Pure Spectrum

When Brady Bell left his job in software sales to work as a trimmer in the hemp industry, he left behind a comfortable salary. He never regretted this decision and soon moved up the ranks into managing many successful dispensaries.  He finally focused on the CBD industry in 2014 after he found that cannabis was offering him better relief from the symptoms of Tourette syndrome than regular prescribed medication.

Together with the rest of the team at Pure Spectrum he is committed to revolutionizing the phytocannabinoid industry. The goal is to offer pure, reliable wellness products manufactured with the highest standards, while they intend to maintain a position at the forefront of the industry with continued product refinement and consumer education.

All their products are from organically grown hemp and have certifications.

Their site offers a wide range of hemp products.

Tinctures: Hemp Oil Tinctures in 500mg, 250mg, 1250mg, 2500mg which contain organic full-spectrum CBD oil, organic nutraceutical- grade CBD isolate and other organic oils.

Isolate: 99% CBD Isolate is completely tasteless and odorless and can be enjoyed with foods, drinks and topical applications. This isolate contains Anhydrous Cannabidiol  (CBD) only, and it is separated by using molecular weight technology under laboratory conditions ensuring the purest product available.

Relaxing and Invigorating: Pure Spectrum Invigorating CBD Salve will help you to gain that spring in your step again by relieving sore muscles and joints, while the Pure Spectrum Relaxing CBD Salve assists in getting a better night’s sleep while soothing joint and muscle pain.

Recovery: Pure Spectrum After WOD, for recovery after training.

Vape: The pure pen battery is available online and can be used with all Pure Spectrum cartridges as well as any other 510 thread ones. The cartridge flavors are exciting and include: Natural Pure Clear, Lemon Pure Clear, Bubble Gum Pure Clear and Sour Diesel Pure Clear all 250mg. The 100 mg range includes Bubble Gum-Honey Oil, Natural-Honey Oil, Tangerine Haze-Honey Oil, Sour Diesel-Honey Oil and Lemon-Honey Oil.

Skin: Pure Spectrum Lotion- Full Spectrum Blend 250mg and Isolate Blend in 250mg are both moisturizing lotions that work on cell renewal and besides hydration; both soothe body pain and sore muscles.

Pet Care: Endopet Enriched Hemp Joint Support capsules, for Cats and Dogs, Endopet Enriched Hemp Tincture for Large Dog Breeds and Cats and one each for medium or small breeds too.

Clothing: Pure Spectrum Hat made from organic hemp and cotton.

Blender Bottle: Specially designed to help make lump free shakes.

At Pure Spectrum they have formed many strategic partnerships with the Cannabis Research Foundation, Industrial Hemp Researchers Foundation, Sievers Bio Tech and major universities in order to continue been in the forefront of this exciting industry.

Why is now such an important time to discuss key industry players like the above?

Several challenges faced by growers, manufacturers and retailers within the hemp industry have finally been positively addressed by the 2018 Farm Bill.

Up until now these challenges hampered development, especially access to banking and financing. Growers were also in the difficult position of not qualifying for benefits and insurance. Processors and growers often had problems shipping their produce and products across state borders – this huge hurdle has finally been overcome as states will now have conform to the federal law.

Hemp and its derivatives are finally removed from the Controlled Substances Act, but CBD will still be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is subject to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) provisions. This act could hamper growth but this will spur researchers on to work faster at proving the effectiveness of CBD products.  For now the sale of products making false claims will be hampered.

Watch this space for more updates and company news.

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