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CBD Oil - Can it Help with my Child’s Pain?

Raising children is no easy chore, as parents it is natural to worry about them from the minute they are born until well…does the worrying ever stop? From getting in fights at preschool over who gets the last swing to that overwhelming fear you have when your child gets his or her driver’s license – a parent’s concern for their child never stops. Parenthood is unarguably one of the biggest joys in life and the pros far outweigh the cons but that doesn’t mean it is always painless. As a parent one of the worst things is watching your child experience pain, no matter how big or how little the pain is, let’s face it, it isn’t easy!

Is My Child in Pain?

Children may be resilient but likely they will experience pain as they grow, in fact, per a study published in National Center for Biotechnology Information, as many as 40% of children and adolescents complain of pain that occurs at least once weekly, and chronic pain affects at least 15%–20% of children. When your child is in pain you often feel helpless and confused as to what to do. It’s important to take a deep breath, relax and assess the situation so that you can be the most help to your child during this time.

What Types of Pain Are There?

Acute Pain

Acute pain is the most common type of pain and the one that is likely to be experienced several times as your child grows. Acute pain is pain that is temporary, lasting from a few minutes to a few hours or days but not more than 3 months. Examples of acute pain can include pain after a shot to pain experienced with different illnesses to pain experienced after an operation.

Chronic or Persistent Pain

Chronic Pain is much more complicated and is described as pain lasting more than 3 months. This type of pain can be persistent, or it may come and go. Chronic pain may be related to diseases and should be assessed by a medical doctor as it can be life-altering.

My Child is in Pain, What Can I Do?

Often times as a parent we feel helpless when our children are in pain. Doctors are very reluctant to give prescription pain medication to children for good reason, this is the case in all children up to their adult years. Prescription pain medication can be dangerous and addicting. Pain can sometimes be managed by over-the-counter medications and they may be successful in providing temporary relief. Other types of pain management methods are being used such as meditation, relaxation techniques and distractions but when these methods just aren’t enough you may feel defeated. Don’t worry there is more that can be done…read on.

CBD Oil for Children Suffering with Pain

Many times, when we experience pain we become fearful and anxious, this is no different in children. CBD oil has been extremely effective for calming and anxiety. Through many years of studies, scientists have found that CBD affects 5-HT1A and Endocannabinoid receptors, which are found throughout the body and brain. Both receptors affect important neurotransmitters that control anxiety levels, stress and mood – this explains much of the astonishing popularity of CBD oils for treatment of anxiety, stress, and pain. It is important to remember that CBD is not the ingredient that promotes a “high feeling” so it is safe to use with children.


When your child is suffering with pain you may wish it was you instead of them. Although, you can’t take the pain for them, you can do the next best thing. At TerraVida Online we offer a variety of CBD oil that can be incorporated into your child’s pain management plan. We understand that you want the best for your children and that is why we are committed to providing the best in CBD oil for your child’s pain management needs. Shop our 100% organic pure hemp CBD oil available in several forms such as CBD tinctures, CBD veggie capsules, CBD gummies, and CBD topical roll on! Start noticing a difference in your children today!

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