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Can CBD Oil Be Used For My Kids Insomnia? The Answer May Surprise You

Getting the kids to bed early is more important than just some relaxing quiet time for the parents, it is vital to your children’s health. A lack of sleep can cause obesity, stress, anxiety, cold, learning problems and even may kids Insomnia. The proper amount of sleep is essential for maximum mental and physical development.

Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

What is the proper amount of Z’s your child needs every night? The answer to this question varies by age. The National Sleep Foundation shows that most children need anywhere from 8 -13 hours of sleep per night, possibly even more. One of the best things a parent can do to ensure maximum health and development for their children is to make sure they are getting all their required sleep, sometimes this is easier said than done though.

Why Won’t My Child Sleep?

There are a variety of reasons why children may get insufficient sleep. These reasons may include separation anxiety, bad dreams, not having a regular bedtime routine, allergies, asthma, excessive noise or light and stress (to name a few.) Wait, what? It is true, there could be a number of things that is causing your child’s sleep problems and now it’s up to you to figure out how to fix it.

When Warm Milk Just Doesn’t Help

Okay, so you get it, you do everything right…dinner, bath, bedtime story, warm milk and now your child should be off to dreamland in no time, right? Not always. Sometimes, no matter how early you start this routine and no matter how many bedtime stories you tell, your child just doesn’t want to go to sleep. That’s a problem. If you have experienced difficulties with getting your child to go to sleep more than just a handful of times, then likely you need a different solution.

What can you try?

For starters, make sure the child’s room is not too warm, the bedding should be lightweight and breathable, there should be no televisions on in the room (in fact no electronics should be on 3 hours prior to bedtime), keep the door shut or partially shut to keep out excessive noise or light, give your child a comfort companion such as a stuffed-animal, and finally make sure your child has a full belly and is properly hydrated. If you have tried all these things and have had little to no success there is still more you can do.

I Have Tried Everything to help my Kids Insomnia, Now What?

Take a breath, there is more that can be done. CBD oil has been very effective in fighting stress and anxiety in children which results in a better night’s sleep. The Permanente Journal states that “CBD is effective as a safe alternative treatment to traditional psychiatric medications for reducing anxiety and kids insomnia.” Furthermore, CBD oil is safe to use with children, it is all-natural and preferred over pharmaceutical medicines by many people. Remember that CBD is different from it’s relative THC, THC is what makes a person feel “high”, not CBD.

Buy From A Store You Can Trust

When it comes to CBD and incorporating it into your children’s health routine, it is important that you buy from a reputable company. Terra Vida uses only the best hemp CBD for you and your family. Terra Vida has been seen in magazines such as: Bizcommunity, Entrepreneur, Women Daily, and Healthynewage. Our CBD oil is all-natural and lab tested because your safety and wellness is our top priority. Stop waiting and hoping your child grows out of the sleepless nights, try our pure hemp CBD oil today! You will be happy you did because when your child doesn’t sleep, you don’t either!

We offer a vast variety of products and CBD consumables including CBD tinctures which can be placed under the tongue or added to foods and drinks; CBD veggie capsules for older kids; convenient CBD oral spray; and CBD gummies – a fun and easy way to administer CBD and a sure hit with the kids! Shop today and start turning good-nights into “great-nights.”

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