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Can CBD Help to Cure Chlamydia?


What is Chlamydia? 

 There are many sexually-transmitted diseases or STDs of which chlamydia is one. This disease is caused by the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. Individuals of both sexes can be afflicted. In the case of female’s chlamydia can develop in the rectum, throat or cervix. In male patients, they will be afflicted in the throat, rectum or urethra. People can be infected with chlamydia when having anal, vaginal or oral sex. This will happen when they have intercourse with someone who already has this bacterium. During childbirth, chlamydia can pass from the mother to the baby. Many people already had problems with chlamydia at some point in their lives. Even though they were medically treated at that time, they can get re-infected when they have unprotected intercourse with someone who has chlamydia. It is especially young people who are at-risk and in particular young females. The risks can be very high when the woman has many partners and especially if no condom is used. In the early stages of chlamydia, there are no symptoms. Many people are not aware that they have chlamydia. Even though there are no visible symptoms it is still possible to transfer chlamydia to someone else. For those people who do have visible symptoms, such symptoms will only appear several weeks after a person has been infected. 

Typical male and female symptoms 

 As far as woman is concerned that you may notice an abnormal vaginal discharge which may be accompanied by a very strong odor. When urinating they may notice a burning sensation. When having intercourse, there may be some pain. As far as meare concerned there may be swelling in the testicles and this might be painful. There might also be an itchy or a burning sensation around the opening of your sexual organ. When urinating there may be a burning sensation and there might also be a discharge from the sexual organ. When the rectum is infected by chlamydia in either men or woman this can result in severe pain, there might also be bleeding and a discharge may be noticed. It is possible to make use of laboratory tests in order to diagnose chlamydia. In order to make that possible, it will be necessary to provide a urine sample. It is sometimes possible for woman to simply provide a cotton swab with vaginal fluids which can then be tested for chlamydia. 

How can CBD help? 

  When looking at the whole STD situation objectively people will quickly see that most medications used are either of the antiviral type or the anti-inflammatory type. In this regard, it is interesting to note that CBD is an excellent antiviral and anti-inflammatory medication. Many STDrelated infections occur when the body’s immune system is already under attack. People might have emotional stress, they may have illnesses such as colds or flu, females may be menstruating and it might also be possible that their immune system has been affected by some kind of medication. This is when the virus can attack cell tissue especially those in mucous membranes. This is the reason why the area surrounding an affected area may become damaged. The body will make use of white blood cells in order to take control of the situation. Therefore, it is actually this interaction between the immune system and STD that is causing inflammation, pain and the accompanying blisters and sores. 

CBD has what it takes to combat inflammation  

 The powerful healing properties in CBD is perfect to treat all of that inflammation. It will also deal with the immune response which has resulted because of that STD attack. There is a long list of scientific publications which have already made very favorable mention of CBD. The properties in CBD which are able to combat inflammation has been thoroughly tested. It was indeed found to be effective to fight off a whole range of foreign pathogens. Furthermore, CBD will also help with tissue and cell repair. Research has also shown that CBD has very potent antiviral properties. Many people are surprised to learn that the body has its own endocannabinoid system. CBD will interact with the endocannabinoid system which has many receptors which are present in every part of the human body. The endocannabinoid system has a very important function and that is to maintain and regulate internal homeostasis. This system is one of the most important for maintaining physical health. 

Different CBD components 

  Several of the CBD components can provide suitable treatment for STD. CBG, CBN, THC, and CBC have all been found to have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Among them, CBD is the preferred one because of the absence of psychoactive properties. In other words, CBD will not intoxicate people. There are today many popular CBD treatments. There are people who make use of topical CBD creams and others use CBD oils. These products are often applied directly to the sores which are caused by STD’s. It has been discovered that CBD oils are the most effective when dealing with these problems. Especially CBD oil tinctures are substantially more effective than creams. This is because there are more CBD molecules present in a considerably smaller volume. This is why tinctures are highly effective to eliminate HSV pathogens. It will also very quickly deal with all of those sores and blisters which has been caused by inflammation.  

Preferred treatment  

 People should simply place a few CBD oil tincture drops onto the affected area. Thereafter it will be a good idea to gently massage the area for between one and two minutes in order to allow for proper absorption. It has been seen many times that it is a good idea to listen to the warnings which are issued by the FDA. Not all products which are sold as CBD is coming from good sources. Then also some of the processes which are used for CBD production is not on par with accepted industry standards. There are also many so-called CBD products which have been found to contain very little of the active cannabinoid. This is exactly why it is so important to do extensive research and to only purchase from reputable brands. 

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