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5 CBD Must Haves For Air Travel

If you’re planning on getting on a plane, then you need to be prepared. While you should definitely have your sound-dampening headphones, a good book, and a neck pillow, it’s also a good idea to pack some CBD necessities in your carry-on bag. Especially if you want to make sure your flight is as smooth and comfortable an experience as you can make it.

What CBD products might you need on an airplane, though? Well…

#1: Consumables (For Anxiety)

Let’s be honest, flying can be a nerve-wracking under the best of conditions. If you want to relax while you’re up in the air (or even waiting in the airport between flights), then CBD consumables are ideal for keeping your stress and anxiety under control. They’re subtle, which will stop your seat mate from asking about your personal habits, and you can get the relief you need in short order. Even better, it will be released slowly, so you’ll have a steady stream of CBD relief for several hours. Long enough to get you from where you are, to where you’re going.

#2: Moisturizers (For Dry, Stale Air)

While technology has come a long way, there are still certain realities you have to deal with when you’re inside a pressurized cabin at a few thousand feet. One of those realities is that the air quickly gets dry, and that takes a toll on your skin. As such, it’s a good idea to carry a CBD face cream or body butter with you. Whether you need it to make sure your face doesn’t feel sucked dry of all moisture, or to stop your hands from cracking, these hemp oil creams can make your flight a lot more pleasant by helping you avoid the side effects of being in a cabin’s atmosphere for so long.

#3: Oral Spray (To Help You Get To Sleep)

Some travelers prefer to fast-forward past the whole flying experience by taking a relaxing nap while they’re in the air. While having the right pillow and a comfortable seat is important for this strategy, it’s also a good idea to have a CBD oral spray in order to help you fall asleep, and stay asleep. Since the spray is absorbed more quickly than gummies, or even a tincture, all you’ll need is a single pump, and then you can relax into your pillow or headrest for the next few hours.

#4: CBD Tinctures (For Pain and Discomfort)

Flying can be a literal pain for some travelers, particularly those who are sensitive to pressure changes in their muscles and joints. Whether it’s arthritis in one’s joints, or headaches from the cabin, a cannabidoil oil tincture can quickly relieve a lot of frustrating symptoms that come with flying. You can customize it to your level of discomfort, and it’s often just as effective with fewer side effects than common over-the-counter medications for combating the negative effects that flying can have on your body, and your pain receptors.

#5: CBD Gummies and Capsules (For All Around Use)

While many CBD products are geared toward specific uses, gummies and capsules are meant more for general use. That’s not a bad reason to keep them around, though. In fact, it might be even moreof a reason to make sure you have them on-hand when you need them. They are a great alternative to “fill in the gaps” when your previous dose begins to fade. Quick and convenient!


Whether you’re looking for skin care products or CBD consumables contact us today! We have everything you need to ensure your next flight is no problem at all.

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