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5 ways CBD seems to amaze healthcare professionals and researchers

Very few of the emerging products are catching the attention of researchers and healthcare professionals in the same way that CBD has done. Increasing numbers of people are now reporting how they have benefited from the use of CBD. There are many well-known sports stars who has also claimed a variety of benefits because of CBD treatment.

The relationship between stress, air pollution, and your immune system

Almost every autoimmune disease is treated with CBD these days – simply ask your Doctor, they will confirm this. There are several misconceptions relating to stress. Many people are under the impression that stress is caused by work or relationship pressure. Very few people are aware of the fact that stress can also happen within the body in several hidden places. Research has also shown that exposure to polluted air also holds many health hazards. Many of those microparticles will remain in the body for a long time after they had been inhaled. They will remain in the lungs and can cause a lot of irritation. Some of these microparticles will find a way into the bloodstream. They might cause a chemical reaction or might interfere with the immune system. They can lead to a number of diseases such as inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory problems. Human beings are very susceptible to polluted air. People will automatically try to avoid polluted air often by opening a window. They are triggered by the survival instincts which is present in every human being. That same stress response will always be noticed when the human body is exposed to polluted air. Unfortunately, there are many people who are exposed to polluted air on a frequent basis. Their bodies have come to accept the inevitable. This does not mean that there will not be a subconscious response to that polluted air.

What we know about epidiolex and the treatment of epilepsy

Until December 2018 Epidiolex has been seen as a very special product. At that point, it was the only lawful or approved CBD related product. All of that has been changed when Pres. Trump signed the new Farm Bill. Because of new legislation consumers are now in a favorable position that they have access to many products with similar properties and which is also more affordable. It now remains to be seen if healthcare professionals will allow their patient’s access to those products which are now available. Most people who suffer from epilepsy will know that Epidiolex has been approved by the FDA in June 2018. Epidiolex is a cannabidiol oral solution which was approved for the treatment of epilepsy. It was the first and the only prescription cannabidiol which has been approved by the FDA. This product is used to specifically treat two very rare and severe forms of epilepsy. These forms of epilepsy are known as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and they afflict very small children. 90% of Children who suffer from these two syndromes can have many epileptic seizures in a single day. This makes the possibility of severe injury a very real threat.

Autoimmune diseases: How CBD cannabidiol can help

The immune system has the responsibility to protect the body against foreign bodies, microorganisms, and abnormal cells. The way in which this works is that the response of the immune system will be against that cell of the body which it intends to protect. This can lead to numerous autoimmune diseases which also includes type one diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and Hashimoto’s disease. It is especially since the second world war that autoimmune diseases have been increasingly noticed in human beings. A lot of research has already been done which has discovered that there are now more than a hundred autoimmune diseases which are known to affect various organs in the body. More of these diseases is discovered every day. To date, there is no pharmaceutical product which is able to cure autoimmune disease. The best that medical science can do is to provide chronic medicine which can only control the symptoms. Unfortunately, these medications have many harmful side effects. It is fortunate that we also have access to alternative medicine. We now have CBD or cannabidiol which is effective in the treatment of autoimmunity. There are now increasing numbers of autoimmune patients who are willing and ready to experiment with alternative solutions. Medications which has been used until now make the immune system ineffective resulting in frequent infections.

More research, leading to a bigger CBD product range:

There is now a CBD based shampoo known as Prose Shampoo. Just like many other available shampoos, this one is intended for hair hygiene. This product is perfect to give your locks a lively appearance and it will also keep your scalp healthy. Another excellent CBD product are Kush High-Volume mascara for your eyes. It is made from hemp derived oil and its insures thick eyelashes and also prevents hair loss. This CBD product has excellent hydrating properties which insurers significantly more volume. There is also the Lord Jones Gumdrop. It is another outstanding CBD health and wellness products. It has been made of citric acid, gelatin, sugar, natural foods, and hemp derived CBD extra. There have been many customer testimonies which are saying that the product is causing them to experience well-being and calmness. There is also Vertly lip butter which is a handcrafted lip balm made from organic ingredients. Some of the nourishing ingredients are things such as coconut oil, cacao butter, jojoba oil, shea butter, and kokum butter. This product has been specifically designed to moisturize, heal and protect human lips. The CBD in the lip balm will help to keep the skin healthier.

Improving Your Sleep: How to Beat Insomnia and Sleep Problems with CBD

Sleeplessness can be a big problem. This is why it is so encouraging that many people have now successfully dealt with this problem by making use of CBD products. In a highly competitive and stressful environment, every person needs to sleep well. Healthcare professionals suggest at least eight hours of sleep but there are people who may need more. One of the criteria to determine whether one has slept well is whether that person is feeling refreshed when they wake up. Furthermore, they should be able to stay alert throughout the day. The sad thing is that only 10% of people are getting sufficient sleep. Even though more than 60% of people claim to sleep well in actual fact that quality of sleep is poorer than it used to be when they were younger. This is exactly why so many people are suffering from insomnia. People all across the planet are suffering from insomnia. CBD can provide a solution. When CBD enters the body it will interact with the ECS which is a network of receptors which can be found in every part of the body. Because of this remarkable relationship between CBD and ECS, it opens the door to deal effectively with a long list of health conditions and also with insomnia.

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